Slingshot Ghost V2 - Any Size, Same Price - Up to 60% Off

Slingshot Ghost V2 - Any Size, Same Price - Up to 60% Off

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Ghost V2 - Versatile / Lightweight / Packable

We designed the Ghost V2 kite to be lighter, more user-friendly, and even more versatile than its predecessor. We have tailored the aspect ratio to provide better upwind reach, response, and ease of handling.

  • 2.5M | 4M | 6M | 8M |10M |12M | 15M | 17M
Boasting a new single luff-strut construction and design, the Ghost V2 continues to redefine lightning-fast handling, incredible drift, and maximum simplicity.

Why Slingshot Made It
  • We built the Ghost V2 to continue providing a simple and lightweight kite that has all the performance potential the modern kiteboarder needs.

Why You'll Love it
  •     One of the lightest one-strut kites on the market.
  •     Incredible water relaunch returns the Ghost to the sky with a flick of the wrist.
  •     All-new shape and profile results in one of the fastest kite models we have ever produced.
  •     Provides hero-level drift.

New and Key Features:
  • NEW CANOPY PROFILE - The Ghost V2 features all-new kite geometry brought forth by our legendary design team. This new shape and profile have ushered in a new potential for upwind reach, response, and easy handling.
  • NEW SINGLE LUFF-STRUT CONSTRUCTION - The all-new single luff-strut separates the strut from the kites canopy. This allows for a more natural and aerodynamic canopy profile that reduces drag and creates faster turning speeds and better kite control.
  • NEW TUNED ASPECT RATIO - Each size of the Ghost V2 has been specifically tuned and optimized. Different sized kites have different needs and therefore require different aspect ratios to provide maximum performance per model.
  • NEW STREAMLINED BRIDLE SYSTEM - By using more premium materials, we were able to reduce the bridle-line thickness by 25%. Riders will instantly feel the kite dragging less through the air thanks to this new streamlined bridle.
  • NEW ONE-PUMP SPEED SYSTEM - The patented Slingshot invention now used industry-wide has gotten an upgrade. We increased our tube diameters for cleaner airflow and easier inflation, as well as repositioned the tubes to be more streamlined and durable.
  • MULTIPLE ATTACHMENT POINTS - Different attachment points integrated into the kite allow you to fine tune handling, power, and performance based on your riding style and the specific conditions of a particular session.
Package Includes:
  • Ghost V2 Kite, Kite Bag, QSG, Bladder Patch Kit++
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