2022 Slingshot Wingboarding Package - I-Fly Board, Blaster Wing and F-Wing Foil

2022 Slingshot Wingboarding Package - I-Fly Board, Blaster Wing and F-Wing Foil

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I-Fly V1, F-Wing Hover Foil, and Blaster V1 4.4m Wing

Slingshot - Blaster V1 Wing

The new Blaster V1 Wing introduces winging to the masses with its simple, user-friendly design at an unbeatable price. Whether you use your wing with skates, skis, or on the water, the Blaster V1 is quick to set up and incredibly intuitive to use

Package Includes:
  • Blaster V1 4.4m2 wing, Wrist Leash, High Pressure Pump, Carry Bag
The Blaster V1, at 4.4 square meters in size, is perfect for all rider weights and covers the largest range of wind conditions. Riders of all sizes will enjoy the Blaster's compact design that makes turns and transitions effortless. Use the included pump for quick inflation and off you go, using the perfectly placed handles to power the wing. The clear vinyl windows allow you to see through the wing providing a clear field of view downwind.

Slingshot I-Fly V1 - Inflatable Wingboard

The I-FLY inflatable foil boards are lightweight and packable with a large carbon foil plate on the bottom that provides a stiff and reactive foiling performance you can take anywhere.  They come with tri-footstrap inserts that allow for limitless progression along with a leash attachment and ? length deck pad.  The large carbon track plate provides a direct board-to-foil feel while the lightweight nature of the inflatable results in minimal swing weight in the nose.  Carrying your kit in and out of the water has never been easier with both top and bottom carry handles.

  •  90L - 5' x 27' x 4.75"
  • 105L - 5'3" x 27.5" x 4.76"
  • 120L - 5'5" x 28" x 6"
  • 140L - 5'8" x 29.5" x 6"


The FWING V1 package is designed to help you progress quickly. Equipped with the massive Infinity 99 wing, boasting 2,371 square centimeters of surface area, it has the lowest take-off and stall speed in the Slingshot range. The 99cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail stability and makes getting up on foil easier than ever. Combined with the large 48cm rear stabilizer the ability to pump and glide with this combo is otherworldly.
  • Enjoy ultra low-speed takeoffs with unmatched stability and glide thanks to the massive Infinity 99 front wing.
  • 71cm aluminum mast keeps your wing in the power of the swell while providing ample flight range.
  • The Shift Fuse gives you the flexibility to connect the mast to the fuselage in 2 different positions depending on rider preference.
  • Hover Glide is a modular system with a wide variety of add-on wings and components you'll never outgrow.
  • Large 48cm rear wing provides stability and leverage for pumping.
  • Neoprene wing covers and fleece lined travel bag keep your gear organized and protected.

  • Mast - 71cm
  • Fuse - 610mm
  • Rear Wing - Stabilizer
  • Base - Pedestal
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