Slingshot Dart V1

Slingshot Dart V1

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Slingshot Dart V1


In a category all of its own, the Slingshot Dart sets a new standard in wings. It's a hard-charging speed machine capable of rocket airs and unlimited hang time. Push The Dart and it pushes right back.  Designed to escape the monotony of low-power wings meant for cruising swell, The Dart is an animal all of its own. Speed records will be set, hangtime will be counted.  If you are done drifting down swell and want to take your wing straight to the stratosphere, pushing boundaries in every dimension... grab a Dart and set your target.  

3M  ||  4M  ||  4.5M  ||  5M  

  • Rigid frame for unlimited speed
  • Massive lift in jumps 
  • Hangtime like you've dreamt about
  • Crazy full power tack angles
The wing that brought the backflip!
  • The first ever, Speed, Power, Boosting wing, designed specifically for  speed runs, rocket airs and backflips.
  • If you are already a proficient winger and are ready to depart from the monotony of wings designed for drifting, the Dart will be your ticket to new speed records and boundless hang-time. We do feel it necessary to warn folks, this should not be your first wing, it is not nearly as well behaved and stable as our Slingwing V2.
  • The DART provides a wild ride, but if you've got the skill and accuracy to hit your target: there is not limit to how high or far you can toss the DART!
Package includes:
  • Wing
  • Wrist Leash
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