2017-2018 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 3'6" Foil Deck - 20% off

2017-2018 Slingshot Dwarfcraft 3'6" Foil Deck - 20% off

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Slingshot Dwarfcraft 3'6"

The 3'6" Dwarfcraft is designed specifically for riders who want a compact and playful foil board that resembles a wakeskate underfoot. Constructed from a rugged EPS core, with inlaid stringers and a fiberglass wrap, the Dwarf Craft is light and low profile, making this a great option for experienced riders looking for a high-performance but minimalist setup.

Featuring the same high-end construction as Slingshot's lineup of wakesurfers, the Dwarfcraft comes in two different lengths to appeal to two different styles of foiling. The 42" (106.6cm) is designed for skilled riders who want a short, playful and very agile board that will feel similar to a wakeskate and is an ideal size for traveling, while the 54" (137.1cm) is a more traditional all-around board that will appeal to a wide range of users and perform well in any condition.

The Dwarfcraft employs Slingshot's rugged EPS core and fiberglass-wrapped construction and is inlaid with PVC stringers for added torsional strength and durability. The board is thinner, lighter and narrower than the Alien Air, making it a great choice for riders looking for a lower-profile and, subsequently, lower priced ride.

Design features include aggressively chined rails to create a separate edging surface when the board touches the water while edging on the foil, moderate front-end rocker to help prevent pearling and nose-diving, an adjustable strut mount that allows the foil to be moved forward and aft depending on rider preferences and skill level, foot strap inserts that can be setup in two-strap (surf style) or three-strap (race style)configurations and a full-length EVA deck pad and concave deck that functions similar to a skateboard in providing turning and edge control with very subtle movement.


  • Low-profile skate-style shape for advanced foil performance
  • Concaved deck for agile handling with subtle movements
  • Compact for easy travel and transport
  • Light weight, low profile, durable construction
  • Full-length deck pad for grip and cushion


  • Length - 3'6" (42"/106.7cm)
  • Width - 18" (45.7cm)
  • Thickness - 2 3/16" (5.3cm)
  • Volume - 19.3 L
  • Weight - 6.8 lbs (3.08kg)
  • Track Mount - 9cm x 25.4cm

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