2017 Slingshot Misfit Twintip Kiteboard - 31% off

2017 Slingshot Misfit Twintip Kiteboard - 31% off

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2017 Slingshot Misfit: All-Around Performance Freeride

One of Slingshot's longest-running boards, the 2017 Slingshot Misfit is a time-tested design perfect for general freeride kiters who want a twin tip they can use anywhere, in any condition. The Misfit features mild rocker and a relatively stiff flex pattern, making it a board that cuts up wind and beats through chop exceptionally well. Laser-cut NACA channels give the Misfit precision contour at the tip and tail, which helps channel water to generate speed, grip, load and pop.

You'll love the Misfit if you're an experienced kiter who wants a solid all-around board that will work well for all aspects of the sport, or if you're an entry-level kiter looking for a board you can progress quickly with but will not outgrow.


  • One board to rule all conditions
  • Slices through chop & rips up wind
  • Progress quickly & will not outgrow: get up & riding faster
  • Smooth, consistent flex w/ Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • Flexible, durable, hand built wood-core construction
  • Universal M6 hardware


  • 132 x 40cm
  • 136 x 40.5cm
  • 142 x 42cm
  • 146 x 43.5cm


  • BEDROCK CARBON INSERTS - In 2017 you will notice lighter boards, a more continuous flex pattern and performance that is tuned precisely for each board's design concept. You asked for weight reduction, better flex control and increased feel. You got it. Our engineers accomplished this by inventing new carbon-reinforced inserts, which will replace the Fastrack system on all 2017 boards. In testing, our team riders quickly noticed how solid the inserts are, hence the name Bedrock Carbon Inserts. The new inserts are a Slingshot exclusive and are designed to offer you a solid connection to a board that still needs to flex. They use the industry-standard M6 hardware and are reinforced with light-weight, high-strength carbon fiber. With this development, our engineers were able to define a new level of performance and durability in twin tip construction. The insert pull strength is increased by 30%, while the overall board weight is cut by 10%. Bedrock Carbon Inserts designed for the toughest boot riders in the business.
  • DIVERSE BASE LAYUPS - As riders push their equipment to new limits, we're finding the base layup for each of our boards more and more important. Some riders want a lightweight layup, some want an extra thick and durable layup, while others want something right in the middle. We offer something for everyone in our 2017 lineup. Layups are as follows: Refraction (Sam Light pro)- .7mm DuraSurf base; Asylum- .4mm standard base; Karolina Winkowska Pro- 2mm standard base; Misfit- .2mm standard base.
  • NACA TECH LASER CUT CHANNELS - Naca Tech channels improve performance and edge control by creating a low-drag submerged inlet that streamlines water flow while increasing board speed.
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