2017 Slingshot Tyrant Kiteboarding Surfboard

2017 Slingshot Tyrant Kiteboarding Surfboard

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2017 Slingshot Tyrant: High-Performance, High-Speed Slasher

The 2017 Slingshot Tyrant is a classic short board profile designed for hard-charging, down-the-line performance, big wave conditions, high speeds and high-powered locked-in carving. Although a solid all-around short board shape, the Tyrant excels with aggressive riders who can take full advantage of its slender profile, snappy turns and high-speed capabilities. The Tyrant features a rocker designed for high-performance wave riding and a rounded squash tail that yields snap off the lip and locked-in bottom turns. Additional rear footstrap inserts have been added farther back, directly over the back fin to maximize these characteristics for strapped-in riders.

You'll love the Tyrant if you want a surfboard that excels in a variety of wind and wave conditions, with high-performance down-the-line riding for an aggressive, lip-slashing style.


  • Classic short board shape for dedicated surfers
  • Aggressive heel-toe edging
  • Ride fast, carve hard, pull into steep waves
  • More snap, more pivot w/ rounded squash tail
  • Best option for hard-charging surfers


  • 6'0" x 18.25" x 2.4" 26.6L


  • VERSATILE THREE-FIN CONFIGURATION - Provides solid all-around drive, grip and control
  • FCSII FINS - Keyless fins click in/out quickly and easily. No tools required
  • REAR INSERT - Extra footstrap insert located far back on the tail for super slashy performance
  • DIAMOND-GRIP DECKPAD - Refined deckpad provides just the right amount of grip and comfort
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE SLINGSHOT CONSTRUCTION - The Angry Swallow features a rugged EPS core, reinforced glass, carbon integration and high-end bamboo laminate finish that results in high-performance, light weight and trusted durability
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