2018 Slingshot Phantom Freewing Foil Kite

2018 Slingshot Phantom Freewing Foil Kite

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2018 Slingshot Phantom

Sizes:  11m | 15m | 18m

High Aspect Foil

The 2018 Slingshot Phantom gives you state of the art feel and control.  Now you can crush upwind angels and kite in lighter winds than with traditional leading edge inflatable (LEI) kites.

Double surface design for double the adventure. For any addicted hydro-foilers and efficiency pioneers, that want to explore new possibilities with a kite. As your skills evolve and you become an expert in angles and efficiency, you'll eventually hit a wall with the limits of your LEI kite. It's literally a drag. Combine the Phantom with your hydrofoil and your world on the water will never be the same. Discover new upwind angles, speeds, light wind minimums, hangtime and overall efficiencies. Sessions you would have written off are now completely rewritten.

Tony Logosz collaborated with the designers at Elf kites to ensure the Phantom has all the bells and whistles. As a result, its awesomeness is awesome. The Phantom comes with automatic camber adjustment that is controlled with the stroke of the bar. It offers advanced manufacturing techniques to insure each rib (cell) can take it's own load and then some. It is designed to fly with any of our simple four-line kite bars (20 meter lines are ideal). It has a closed cell design that lets air in along the leading edge to "inflate" the kite and traps it in in the foil chambers. This also impedes water if you happen to drop it. Water launch is reliable, but if you're worried about it, it's probably not a kite for you. Bridles on the Phantom are thicker and stronger to eliminate the constant pain in the ass tuning process required with less stout lines.


You need to be a curious adventurer who loves experimentation and wants to discover new possibilities. Not optimize what has been discovered. That's a long and nice way to say you don't have to be a racer to love what this kite can do for you. The Phantom is for those who already know a thing or two about flying kites and are ready to commit to a whole new level of feelings and sensations. The Phantom is a high aspect kite designed for speed, extreme upwind angles and ultimate light wind efficiency - insert cheesy voice over. Hyperbole. Let's be real. The kite does all that for sure, but what you do with it is more important that what we say it does.


  • High aspect speed/touring and freedom finder
  • Crushes upwind angles and light wind minimums of LEI kites
  • Extreme angles and efficiency gives kiteboarders a new experience
  • Closed cell design assists in water relaunch
  • Compatible with our normal four-line kite bar
  • Designed in collaboration with the legendary foil designers at Elf Kites

Kite only includes:

  • Phantom Kite (in your selected size)
  • Kite Backpack
  • Quickstart guide

Complete your kite purchase with a 2018 Slingshot Control bar:

  • 2018 Compstick Guardian
    Below the Bar Trim system
    • 17" Bar includes 20m Lines
    • 20" Bar includes 20m Lines + 3m Extensions
    • 23" Bar includes 27m Lines
  • 2018 Compstick Sentinal
    Above the Bar Trim system
    • 17" Bar includes 20m Lines
    • 20" Bar includes 20m Lines + 3m Extensions
    • 23" Bar includes 27m Lines

Add on The Talon
Chickenloop Upgrade designed to work with rope/dyneema sliding spreader bar systems.

  • Bring the bar closer to your core decreasing the distance you have to reach for the bar without losing depower
  • The ultimate setup for surf, hooked-in focused, or shorter riders.
  • Compatible with all slingshot bars 2014 to current.

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