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Breaks too easily

- 8/19/2018

I broke 2 of them in one session after about 20 times overall usage. Very disappointing and a pain to get back to shore once they are broken as they lay flat on the board where you want to position your feet.

Kiteboard straps

- 5/15/2018

They do the biz, but they are a bit fragile.
I would give 5 stars if they were more robust.
However I did know about their weakness before I placed the order? I decided to buy them anyway, so not KB's fault in any way. Come on "Slingshot" upgrade this product because they are a good safety issue for beginners.

Slingshot Half Strap

- 4/4/2018

Not happy - strap broke during first use, although retailer agreed to replace it. I haven't got the replacement yet. When I do I will attach it and hope the metal part at the base doesn't snap like the first one. JK

Slingshot Foot Hooks

- 1/15/2018

I love the concept, but have been very disapointed with the strength of both the NSI and Slingshot versions.

I put these on my foil board. One of the Slingshots broke after about 3 hours. I broke two NSI after about 20 hours each.

I think a nice carbon fiber version would do the trick without breaking.

The Slingshot version has a slightly higher angle, making it a bit less secure to your foot.

Foot hooks

- 9/6/2017

I love these things. I've always ridden strapless but I'm struggling on my foilboard. These really help out a lot. No tripping over front straps. I should have ordered 3 instead of just two

Slingshot foot hook

- 4/5/2017

Works great, easy install. Learning to use surfboard helps on waterstarts, and is a good comfortable toe hold.

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