Vayu VVing Wiingboarding Wing - 25% Off!

Vayu VVing Wiingboarding Wing - 25% Off!

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Vayu VVing - Wingboarding Wing

The VVING generates forward drive and upwind performance from a rider's first foil flight to learning advanced maneuvers. Its stiff geometry provides power and efficiency, enabling instant takeoffs, massive jumps and wind range. From your first foil flights to your first 360s or jump maneuvers, the VVING provides the stability and control needed. Over or underpowered, the VVING handles any gust and generates considerable forward speed. Being balanced and reactive with sweep and dihedral, the VVING is very tow-friendly when riding waves. Whether your focus is riding open ocean waves, carving or freestyle tricks, the VVING does it all.

The special feature of this VVING is the Bridge-Boom strut system. A foldable boom, which requires no additional tools and is automatically brought into position when inflated. The Bridge-Boom provides a wide range of hand positions enabling intuitive transitions and precise direct control while trimming the wing. When folded up, the VVING impresses with its small pack size.

Key Features:
  • High-performance freeride/big air.
  • Bridge-Boom for precise control.
  • Easy and quick. No hassle setup with one-pump system and folding boom.
  • Wide wind range due to rigid frame, flat profile and high canopy tension.
  • 3.4 || 4.4 || 5.4 || 6.4

  • Rigid strut frame design with high canopy tension creates a stable centre profile with exceptional windrange, upwind performance and balanced depower for reduced lift when towing.
  • Single point inflation system with large diameter inlet/outlet hose for rapid inflation and deflation. Bayonet style inflation valve compatible with most pumps. No adapter needed.
  • Two middle-strut Inflation hoses on each side of the middle strut provide a high rate of airflow for quicker setup and deflation. The two connections also hold the bladder in place preventing failure when inflating.
  • BRIDGE-BOOM - More control when riding - Less hassle on setup, deflation and transport.
  • TEIJIN D2 TECHNOFORCE CANOPY - Premium High performance D2 Ripstop Fabric made in Japan. D2 is  made with high tenacity polyester yarn for lightness, tear strength and endurance providing the highest strength-to- weight ratio and best durability in the industry.

Bill is one of the world's most renowned and diverse aerosports designers and recognized for his outstanding innovation and achievements in sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. Bill's lifelong passion to create has brought him to collaborate directly with many of the world's most outstanding riders. With them, he has created an extensive and diverse portfolio of products enabling watersports enthusiasts everywhere to reach their potential to enjoy their time on the water.

Designer notes:

The VVING by Bill Hansen
The design goal is a stable, high performance wing with a wide wind range, neutral balance and uncompromised ease of use.

Improved sailing technology has created great interest in the use of inflatable handheld wing-sails for hydrofoil propulsion. Due to a lack of spars, rigging, control lines or bridles, inflatable wings have several unique design requirements. In particular, maintaining optimal aerodynamic shape under load and precise control of pitch and roll while maneuvering in varying wind and water conditions.

Optimal shape, given the constraints of rider size and strength, is a combination of the distribution of area (determined by 3D outline) and the distribution of aerofoil profile. Once the 3D shape is determined, a suitable inflatable structure is required which sufficiently preserves the geometry to avoid distortion. Inflatable structures derive strength from material choice, tube diameter and pumping pressure which must be blended to create the desired wing shape while minimizing weight and aerodynamic drag.

The Vayu V2c is a moderate aspect, truncated elliptical planform determined by the square area with a limited wingspan to avoid potential tip-to-water contact. Low entry, highly efficient moderate draft-aft custom profiles are blended to create a low drag, high speed forward drive. Sweep, dihedral and lift distribution are precisely combined for neutral handling and balance. The inflatable tubes for each size are sculpted to match the spanwise lift distribution without excess weight and drag and the canopy is pre-loaded to stabilize the profiles and preserve shape. The wingtips have a specific designed flexibility and built- in washout to reduce the pitching moment for smooth, controllable response over a wide velocity and sheeting range.

Vayu Bridge-Boom Strut
The Vayu Bridge-Boom Strut is designed to provide ultimate structural stability with precise, direct handling over a variety of hand positions. The bridge structure is engineered to secure the profile shape and effectively supports the inflatable strut from distortion. Pumping to accelerate and control inputs are quick and efficient avoiding the indirect feel of conventional handles which can move laterally and up and down. The Bridge-Boom Strut provides the advantages of a full-length boom while enabling simplicity of set up and compact storage.

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