Free Wingboard Combo Deal - 4m and 5m Duotone Unit Wings, North Sonar Foil 1500R - On 110L Wingboard

Free Wingboard Combo Deal - 4m and 5m Duotone Unit Wings, North Sonar Foil 1500R - On 110L Wingboard

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Free Wingboard Combo Deal: You get Two Duotone Unit Wings, A North Sonar Foil and the free On Airlight Inflatable Wingboard.

Get into wingboarding at a great price with the most common sizes of Wings, Foil and Board. These sizes are easily the most common starter sizes that will not only get you atarted, but will allow you to advance and grow into the sport.

  • Duotone Unit Wings - 4.2m and 5m
  • North Sonar AF72 with 1500R Front Wing
  • On 110L Inflatable Wingboard

Duotone Unit

Wave & Downwind / Jumping & Freestyle / Freeride

The new Unit will impress you from the first flight. Light, lifty and stable, yet incredibly easy to handle and control with our new rigid handles. The design goal of the new Unit was simple, we wanted to create a wing with a stable drift that can follow you effortlessly without pulling left, right, up or down when depowered on the wave. At the same time, we wanted a wing that created more lift for improved hang time in jumps and easier handling in maneuvers, all of this combined with a boom-like control and steering. The results will blow your mind, the unit has proven to be our best performing wing to date with unrivalled flying performance. The slightly wider span of the Unit offers great luffing stability when on the wave and significantly better hang time in the jumps. Yet the wingspan and dihedral still make it easy for less experienced riders, freeriding, cruising or rotational freestyle moves. Increased segments to the leading edge and panel layout of the Unit have allowed designer Ken Winner to finely optimize canopy tension and twist. The new window layout has led to weight savings without compromising comfort and safety. Simulations on airflow have helped the final tweaks and attention to detail, giving the Unit such a light feel in your hands with an incredible lift through jibes and tacks and instant response when you need it! Forget what you know about handle equipped wings, our new screwed-on rigid handle still covers pump-and-go simplicity but feels more responsive and direct than any handle wing you've touched. From the superior flying behavior and handling all the way to packing down and the new bag the Unit wing ticks all the boxes to be your new favorite!

North - Sonar Foil Edition

Future-proof your foiling

Start building your modular quiver here. The new refined aluminium mast profile section delivers an optimal balance between light weight and exceptional strength, so you can kite, wing, surf and tow foil with confidence, making use of the fully interchangeable Sonar Foil System to extend your playtime on the water. Engineered to last, with exceptional strength to weight ratio, and our unique GeoLock system for a clean, direct feel with minimum resistance on the water. The AF85 mast increases overall ride performance in choppy conditions. The AF72 mast is ideal for shallower waters, and prone surf foiling. Now with A700 Fuselage for added stability, and new S270 Carbon Stabilizer for performance and efficiency.

On Wingfoil Airlight - Inflatable Wingboard - 110L

With zero compromises on performance, the Airlight Inflatable Wingboard is your new wing-foiling or Paddle foiling go-to The best priced iWB All Around performance board on the market. We have equipped our proven shapes with additional features to improve performance at the best value out there. The Airlight features a Super stiff bottom carbon plate with track system and hand hold slot.  For adventure seekers or travel enthusiasts, the Airlight Inflatable packs up into a Back Pack, making your next adventure even easier and more accessable. 

  • Airlite Inflatable 110L    5'6" x   28" x   6"
  • Corduroy  EVA Deck Pad
  • Fusion Dropstitch
  • Double Layer Rails
  • 2 Leash Attachement Rings
  • V2 SUP Style inflate/defate valve
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