Free Wingboard Combo Deal - 4m and 5m Slingwing V3 Wings, Slingshot Phantasm Foil - On 110L Wingboard

Free Wingboard Combo Deal - 4m and 5m Slingwing V3 Wings, Slingshot Phantasm Foil - On 110L Wingboard

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Free Wingboard Combo Deal: You get Slingshot SLingwing V3 Wings, A Slingshot Phantasm Foil and the free On Airlight Inflatable Wingboard.

Get into wingboarding at a great price with the most common sizes of Wings, Foil and Board. These sizes are easily the most common starter sizes that will not only get you atarted, but will allow you to advance and gro into the dport.

  • Slingshot Slingwing V3 Wings - 4m and 5m
  • Slingshot Phantasm Foil with 72cm Aluminium Mast and PFI 835 Lower Assembly
  • On 110L Inflatable Wingboard

Slingshot SlingWing V3 - Balenced / Rigid

Slingshot designed the all-new SlingWing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag.

When the sport you love is powered by the wind, choosing the best way to harness its energy is critical. We can all agree, flying, turning and gliding certainly sounds better than slogging and bogging. Gliding over the water on foil should feel calm and effortless and here at Slingshot, we strive to make that as attainable and easy as possible. Thanks to the reliable steady pull, forward drive, and effortless balance of the all new SlingWing V3, winging has never been more intuitive. Thanks to its rock-solid rigidity, the V3 has loads of power out of the pocket. This means less time slogging and bogging, and more time gliding, turning and floating. Having wing-powered fun, shouldn't be a hassle. Let our new SlingWing open up a world of new possibilities.
  • SlingWing V3, Backpack, Wrist leash, Patch kit

PHANTASM Hydrofoil

We designed the Phantasm to be built by you. For the first time, the Phantasm allows you to choose exactly how you want to ride by offering a product based on your foiling needs rather than the other way around. We have split the foil package into two choices; the Mast and the Lower Combination.

The Lower Combination or Lower is a Front Wing, Fuselage, and Stabilizer - everything that sits under the water. Start by choosing your mast and then selecting your Lower Combination. The Slingshot Phantasm allows you to custom-build your setup based on your sport, desired performance, and price.

Phantasm Aluminum Mast 72cm
The Phantasm aluminum mast is made from light and strong 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. The included pedestal adapter works with all standard foil tracks. The mast is compatible with Hoverglide products and the included Phantasm Fuselage adapter allows it to work with any Phantasm Fuse. The supplied padded mast cover makes traveling simple and easy.


The PFI 835/710 Lower Package combination is a high-performance lower aspect front wing that gives it tons of lift, stability, and dynamic performance. At low speeds, it delivers large amounts of lift and foiling efficiency. The front wing's unique inverted gull shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and a self-centering flight that makes foiling both predictable and addicting. The PFI 835/710 Lower Package combination is ideal for foilers in the 175-225lb + weight range. From speeds of roughly 5-15 mph and wave heights of 1 - 5 ft, This lower package is your ticket for all around surf performance.

On Wingfoil Airlight - Inflatable Wingboard - 110L

With zero compromises on performance, the Airlight Inflatable Wingboard is your new wing-foiling or Paddle foiling go-to The best priced iWB All Around performance board on the market. We have equipped our proven shapes with additional features to improve performance at the best value out there. The Airlight features a Super stiff bottom carbon plate with track system and hand hold slot.  For adventure seekers or travel enthusiasts, the Airlight Inflatable packs up into a Back Pack, making your next adventure even easier and more accessable. 

  • Airlite Inflatable 110L    5'6" x   28" x   6"
  • Corduroy  EVA Deck Pad
  • Fusion Dropstitch
  • Double Layer Rails
  • 2 Leash Attachement Rings
  • V2 SUP Style inflate/defate valve
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