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Action Sports Trackers allow you to track your speed, jump height, waves, calories burned, etc.  Use one not only for kiteboarding, but across multiple sports, wakeboarding, snowboarding/skiing and more.
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WOO 3.0 for Kite/Wake/Snow - Pre Order
WOO 3.0 is coming this spring!  With new features, better jump dection, and integration with smart watches from both Apple and Android.  See how high you jumped right after you land and challenge yourself to jump higher.
WOO 2.0 for Kite/Wake/Snow 35% Off!
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WOO is an interactive game that connects riders from around the world in kiteboarding, wakeboarding and snowboarding. Record every jump and trick, save your session, challenge friends, and explore spots, all on the WOO Sports App for iOS and Android.
List Price: $249.99
Trace Mounts (3 pack)
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TRACE 3 mount pack is available in black or multicolor (1 black, 1 red, and 1 white.)  Mount your Trace to your Twintip, Kite Surfboard, Snowboard, helmet, or any other flat surface.