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Eleveight OS v1 Single Strut Kite - 8m - 30% Off
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Eleveight OSv1 Single Strut Kite

● One strut mid-swept hybrid design
● High-performance wing for foiling and freeride
● Ultra responsive and dynamic turning speed
● Medium aspect ratio optimized for light wind usage
● Medium sweep for low end performance and backstall prevention
● Outstanding stability in all conditions
● Feather-light design paired with an extra durable construction
● Superior materials like X4 canopy and XT cloth made by Techno Force?

DESIGN Vision:
Our brand new dedicated foil and freeride kite, the OSeries, redefines durable and sturdy built quality with a feather-light design. The one strut Open-C Hybrid design with a medium aspect ratio and medium swept wing tips takes off in the lightest breeze and allows riders to hit the water in well below 10 knots. Get ready to always be the first one out there and to never again wait for the wind to pick up. The OS is extremely fast but at the same time easy to tame as it is very responsive and has a smooth power generation. Furthermore, we eliminated backstall and made it remarkably stable. We spent more than three years on the development of the OS and are very proud of the result. Choose the OS and take off in any breeze.

What We Say:
Responsive and light single strut kite that has a "flickable" feel in the air. The power is there when you pull the bar in and it shuts down when you push away letting the kite drift very well. This one is a great option for hydrofoiling.

The OS is a light and reactive kite, supporting you to hit the water in a gentle breeze foiling, freeriding or taking you in the surf.
List Price: $1,129.00
2020 Naish Hero Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 40% Off

2020 Naish Hero - All-around Freeride

Sizes: 130x41.5 | 135x42 | 140x43 | 145x53.5cm

Beginner-to-intermediate kiters who want a soft and forgiving ride
Edges upwind with ease and absorbs chop for a very smooth ride
Brand new shape with a concave

The Hero is designed to take riders from their first reaches and beyond in this userfriendly freeride board. Not easily outgrown, nor is it only for beginners the high flex Hero provides a smooth, forgiving ride and on-demand control that even the most experienced kiters love. This brand new shape features poured TPU rails for seamless rail construction and heightened durability. Centered inserts also extend the life of the board, allowing kiters easily transition between rails and distribute wear. Featuring the same all-around rocker
as our popular Motion twin tip, the Hero is easy to ride in all conditions.
Strategically placed impact reinforcement zones help diffuse impact throughout the board, providing maximum durability as skills grow with time. Whether just learning, growing, or cruising, the Hero is the easy, all-around board designed to keep the experience fun.

List Price: $445.00
2020 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride Twintip Kiteboard - 40% Off

2020 Naish Switch Versatile Freeride - All-around

Sizes: 134/138 | 138/142

Anyone seeking added versatility in best all around board, those that share a board, or kiters who travel and want the best performance in varying conditions
Takes a great all-around shape and adds next-level versatility to cover a huge range of freeride conditions
It's completely new!

Conditions vary, people are asymmetrical and now there is a board that you can dial-in to
your preferences.
The Switch is a new design which gives a great all-around board even more versatility. The
inserts on the board are centered so that both its rails can be ridden, which dramatically
extends its lifespan. Since both rails are different lengths you can choose which side you
want to ride depending on conditions and riding preference. If the wind is light and you are
riding a big kite, the longer side can give you more rail in the water?keeping you planning,
so you can get upwind. If the wind is cranking and the water is rough, you can switch to
the shorter side for quicker turning, so you can load fast between the chop. It is also great
option for different size people that want to share a board.

List Price: $545.00
CORE Sensor 2S Control Bar - 28% Off
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Unibody 4-Line Bar with S-System
Your session?s awesomeness depends heavily on your gear. We believe the Sensor 2 control bar system contributes much more than you would think to kite performance. And it?s what you don?t see that makes our bars so unbelievably good. The functional know-how we hide inside and the minimalist design on the outside gives our bars the signature CORE confidence you expect. And the safety features you rely on.

The Sensor 2 bar is now joined by the new Sensor 2S and Sensor 2S Pro. Two new bars with more tech wizardry that you can?t even see at first glance. Regardless of your bar selection, The CORE Sensor 2 bar system will provide you with the lightest, safest, and most direct feeling bar on the market. Because we sell more than just cool bars. We sell confidence.

Meet the new Sensor 2S. An intelligent mid-cycle update to the exceptional Sensor 2. A bar, where engineering ingenuity meets minimalism; where ceramic bearings are used to eliminate friction in the auto untwist function; and where Tectanium is used to make the thinnest and most aerodynamic depower lines. Technical innovations that make the Sensor 2S bar system peerless. Sometimes, it's what you don?t see, that makes it so good. Still not good enough for you? Then, you are ready for the new Sensor 2S Pro. One of the lightest and best grip bar on the market.
List Price: $549.00
2020 Dakine Nitrous Kiteboarding Boardshort Harness
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2020 Dakine Nitrous Boardshort Harness

The Dakine Nitrous boardshorts harness integrates years of harness development and technology with the styling and comfort of boardshorts.  The 2020 facelift includes different sizing from XS to XL and the. Great for those who like the lower center pull point.