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We carry camera mounts for GoPro and other camera brands that help you get the angle and perfect shot and can mount to virtually anything. The PKS Strut Mount, Flymount Fin Mount, and Wizmount CU2 backpack are the most popular mounts to name a few.
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SurfDek - On Board Waterproof Phone Storage
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SurfDek - Deck Phone - On Board Waterproof Phone Storage

It Happens and when it does, SurfDek is there.  A bad day, a blown wing, broken paddle, or the wind just plain stops. The Deck Phone Storage is Large enough to hold a cellphone, some cash, or a credit card. It is the always there, just in case solution. Universal adhesive waterproof pouch for mobile phone up to 7″ and other accessories such as small tech, money, keys, passport and bank cards. Secure tray with velcro attachments along with removable dry bag/mobile phone pouch for use on any board surface with a large flat area. Perfect wingboards, paddle boards (SUPs), canoes, kayaks etc.

Key Features:
  • Universal adhesive waterproof pouch for mobile phone up to 7″ and other accessories such as small tech, money, keys, passport and bank cards.
  • waterproof phone case/pouch
  • lanyard
  • adhesive tray with velcro
  • 29cm x 19cm
Flymount GoPro Fin Mount
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FlyMount's Ultra-strong reinforced nylon makes it very lightweight but incredibly strong and durable: 10g in weight. Resistant to shock, saltwater and high levels of UV. Get a truly unique view from your GoPro camera with this revolutionary kiteboard fin mount.
List Price: $39.95
Flymount Aero 130 GoPro / Camera Mount
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Flymount Aero-130 Ultralight Wing and Kite Camera Mount

Our NEW ultralight action camera mount for wings and kites.
The Flymount Aero features a brand new patent pending camera adjustment system, and a featherlight construction for limitless mounting possibilities on wing foil wings and kite central struts.

Made from extra tough glass reinforced Akulon, with marine grade metal parts, to withstand saltwater, impact and high levels of UV.

Our patent pending design has just one single operational handle that tightens both the jaws and the camera adaptor at the same time, reducing bulk and allowing for an incredible overall weight of just 140g,ensuring equipment performance remains unaffected.

The Flymount Aero has been designed specifically for mounting GoPro and other action cameras to inflatable wing and kite bladders, with a unique jaw profile that helps to lock the mount in position and prevent movement. Internally, the jaws are lined with soft EVA pads to protect your kit and increase grip when wet.
Flymount Camera Safety Leash
Keep your camera safe with the Flymount Camera Safety Leash. 230cm of top quality British Nylon cord provides stretch and strength, and our unique adjustable loop clasp made from premium grade glass reinforced Nylon.
PKS Kiteboarding Strut Mount for GoPro
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The new PKS Strut Mount for GoPro was designed by Jeff Howard and PKS Distribution to give a very cost-effective way to get your GoPro mounted on a kite strut for those amazing overhead shots. It features a quick, solid mounting system for mounting any version of GoPro camera to virtually any kite out there.
List Price: $25.99
WizMount Waist Harness Kit
The WizMount Waist Harness Kit is perfect for use with kitesurfing and windsurfing. Use this hook/strap combo to keep the CU2Pack from riding up on your back while doing watersports with a waist harness.
WizMount Pack-2-Pole Upgrade Kit
The WizMount Pack-2-Pole Upgrade Kit is the missing piece from a CU2Pack that would give you the flexibility to use it as a Pack or a Pole.