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We carry camera mounts for GoPro and other camera brands that help you get the angle and perfect shot and can mount to virtually anything. The PKS Strut Mount, Flymount Fin Mount, and Wizmount CU2 backpack are the most popular mounts to name a few.
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GoPro Kiteboarding Mount Package
GoPro cameras can be mounted in several places when you are kiteboarding. The GoPro Kiteboarding Mount Package covers all the angles you want. Includes PKS Strut Mount, Flymount Fin Mount, and Camrig Line mount. Purchase this package and save money vs buying all the mounts individually. Also a great gift idea any kiter would love.
List Price: $87.00
PKS Kiteboarding Strut Mount for GoPro
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The new PKS Strut Mount for GoPro was designed by Jeff Howard and PKS Distribution to give a very cost-effective way to get your GoPro mounted on a kite strut for those amazing overhead shots. It features a quick, solid mounting system for mounting any version of GoPro camera to virtually any kite out there.
List Price: $29.95
Flymount GoPro Fin Mount
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FlyMount's Ultra-strong reinforced nylon makes it very lightweight but incredibly strong and durable: 10g in weight. Resistant to shock, saltwater and high levels of UV. Get a truly unique view from your GoPro camera with this revolutionary kiteboard fin mount.
List Price: $39.95
Camrig Kiteboarding Line Mount GoPro HERO 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
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Introducing the CAMRIG HD3 Line Mount. Our newest product has been designed specifically for the GoPro HERO3 and HERO3+, Hero 4, Hero 5,  Hero 6, HERO 7 and HERO 8. Your camera sits between the lines, ensuring stable and clear photos and video!
Each mount comes with a set of CAMRIG Line Mount Plugs to make sure you get the best shots possible!
Camrig Kiteboarding Line Mount GoPro HERO 1 & 2
The CAMRIG Line Mount has been totally re-designed, and it's got what you need. A wider profile makes for incredibly stable video, and camera positioning always remains horizontal while riding.
Camrig Kiteboarding Fin Mount for GoPro HERO 3 & 4
The CAMRIG Fin Mount is an alternative mounting solution to the GoPro Surf Hero adhesive disk. Utilizing the standard fin box on almost any kiteboard or wakeboard, the strong, adjustable, low profile base gives riders an unobtrusive way to mount a camera to their deck.  (Currently on back order)
WizMount CU2 Pole - SUPER SALE
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Built from a light and strong aluminum alloy, the CU2pole is a secure, stable platform for high quality shots from GoPro and other action cameras.

List Price: $59.00
GoPro Surfboard Mounts
Attach your GoPro camera to surfboards, standup paddle boards, sea kayaks, boat decks, and other gear where maximum holding strength is needed.
GoPro Mounting Buckle with Thumb Screw

Replacement GoPro Mounting Buckle with thumb screw for GoPro mounts.

GoPro Thumb Screw

Replacement GoPro thumb screw for GoPro mounts.

GoPro Helmet Front Mount

Allows for low-profile positioning of your camera on the front of your helmet, like a headlamp. Also extends out in front of the helmet so you can turn the camera back on yourself for self-portrait videos and photos.

Camrig Kiteboarding Line Mount Plugs
Slack your kite hard? Just want some added safety? You will never worry about your camera again. Prevent camera loss, line snags, and allow for easy camera positioning. If you are shooting video, these are a must. Designed to work with any of our existing Line Mounts.
WizMount Pack-2-Pole Upgrade Kit
The WizMount Pack-2-Pole Upgrade Kit is the missing piece from a CU2Pack that would give you the flexibility to use it as a Pack or a Pole.
WizMount Waist Harness Kit
The WizMount Waist Harness Kit is perfect for use with kitesurfing and windsurfing. Use this hook/strap combo to keep the CU2Pack from riding up on your back while doing watersports with a waist harness.
Flymount S1 Helmet Cam Adapter for iPhone - 50% OFF!
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The new Flymount S1 is the world's FIRST Low-Profile wide-angle action helmet cam adapter for iPhones. It features image rotation and widening for instantly shareable recordings in a water-resistant shockproof polycarbonate case and interchangeable liners to fit iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and the new SE phones. Fits all iPod Touch 5th and 6th Generation models, too!

List Price: $69.95
Flymount Camera Safety Leash
Keep your camera safe with the Flymount Camera Safety Leash. 230cm of top quality British Nylon cord provides stretch and strength, and our unique adjustable loop clasp made from premium grade glass reinforced Nylon.