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Naish Surfboard Traction Front Deck Pads - 60% Off

These Naish surf traction pads are a great way to get some grip on your board without wax and at a great price. Simply peel and stick on your board and you're ready to ride. 3M adhesive will keep the pad firmly on your deck. Front and middle pads come in several pieces for the ultimate customizability and the center pad sections have cutouts to accommodate for inserts in the deck. The front center and side sections feature additional padding for more comfort and control.

List Price: $80.00
Fin Screw Washers Set of 8
Fin Screw Washers are perfect if you have a non countersunk board and you have countersunk hardware. Also the washers help protect the holes through your board. Outer diameter 1.5cm inner diameter is .5cm.
Set of 8