Compression Bags

Lighten your load and make your travels easier with compression bags. These bags will help you save space and weight and work great with a golf or other travel bag. We carry both standard-pack compression bags from PKS and Dakine as well as vacuum-pack bags.
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PKS Kiteboarding Travel Compression Bag
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The PKS Compression bag is large enough to fit most kites including 17 meters. Like the Dakine compression bag this bag weighs less than the standard kite backpack to provide protection for you kite travel while reducing weight.  This bag was designed to the the compression straps sewn all the way around the bag.   so no more ripping the strap out at the seams. A must have for traveling.

Mystic Vacuum Bag
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The Mystic Kite Vacuum Compression kit is designed specifically for kite surfing, kite boarding and snow kiting inflatable and foil kites. You can easily reduce the size of up to three kites to take on your travels without the need of a vacuum. This kit come with its own hand vacuum pump.
Dakine Compression Bag

The Dakine compression kite bags are a must have for travel. Replace your heavy kite bags with this light weight compression bag. You won't believe how much weight and space you can save.  A true space and weight saver.

Ozone Snowkite Kompressor Bag
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The Ozone Snowkite Kompressor bag keeps your foils packed down for easy travel. Webbing straps cinch down the kites and keep them small for packing. The Ozone Kompressor bags are great for travel and general kite storage. Easy holds a couple foil kites.

Ozone Performance Foil Kompressor Bag

The Ozone Performance Foil Kompressor Bag keeps the leading edge plastic profile battens contained in the same way we pack the kites in our factory and the same way paragliders are packed. We highly recommend using it as this protects the kite and the leading edge battens from potential deformation. Light weight and durable.

Ozone Compression Strap
Ozone kite compression strap. Comes standard with all water and snow kites and this spare strap works great to keep your kite neat and folded. Sturdy buckle and webbing.