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Duotone Slick SLS Foil Wing - 35% Off size 3.0m(red/blue) LAST ONE
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Duotone Slick SLS Foil Wing - Freeride / Freestyle & Jumps / Wave & Downwind

The new generation of Slick wings combine the Strong / Light / Superior (SLS) technology with a multitude of design and performance upgrades. The most popular model in the range is now lighter with more lift and stability resulting in a wing that's easier to use with a smoothness that will make you want to stay on the water for hours! PentaTX material across the leading edge and strut delivers precise, responsive feedback to your fingertips. PentaTX has been a game-changer within Duotone's Kiteboarding department. It's not only lighter but also stiffer resulting in crisper, more direct feedback. The segmented leading edge has allowed designer Ken Winner to increase the stiffness and rigidity across the mid-section through the use of stronger material, resulting in direct power transfer and a highly responsive wing. The Slick SLS features the mini boom, giving you infinite hand placement options. The intuitive mini boom allows your hands to always be in the right spot for any moves you're about to tackle, whether you are trying your first tacks or the wildest air rotations.

For 2022, the Slick SLS has been completely re-designed with a new outline. This sees improvements to the luffing stability while surfing waves and during downwinders and adds power and hang time for jumps. The Slick SLS is great for rotational moves and has been engineered to give enough clearance to reduce the dragging of the wingtips. A new window layout reduces weight while maintaining visibility to any blind spots. The tips and strut twist have been tuned to maximize the lift and stability with a tight canopy tension and a clean profile making it easy and stable to ride one-handed even in gusty conditions. The mini boom is available in both Aluminium or Carbon options and is compatible with the first-generation Slick wings. Whether you're just starting and learning the basics or going for pro-level moves, the Slick is an intuitive wing packed full of performance that guarantees you quick progression!
List Price: $919.00
2022 Duotone Jaime SLS Twintip Kiteboard - Performance Freestyle - 35% Off
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Jaime SLS - Performance Freestyle Twintip Kiteboard

SLS stands for strong, light, superior, and our twin tips are getting the SLS treatment to make the best boards even better! The Jaime is our flagship freestyle and freeride board with a legacy behind it that is unrivalled in the industry. The unique construction utilises Textreme Innegra carbon; this makes the board light and a little stiffer with a medium to stiff flex. More importantly, the dampening abilities of Textreme Innegra leads to more overall control, therefore offering more control of the edge and an even harder edging, which results in incredible pop. The new Light Base further reduces the overall weight creating the lightest Jaime we have ever built. With impressive pop and total control , the Jaime SLS is the perfect board for the rider looking for a freestyle board that can perform at the very highest level and boosts you to the moon, while still being easy to use and forgiving. Smooth through the chop with butter-smooth landings, thanks to the Double Diffusor Bottom and the Absorption Flex Tips. It is a captivating package. When you kitesurf, your equipment should help you push the progression forwards, the Jaime SLS will take you to the next level and beyond; get on board now!
List Price: $1,099.95
2022 Duotone Select SLS Twintip Kiteboard - Freeride - 50% Off
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2022 Duotone Select SLS - Performance Freeride Twintip Kiteboard

The Select SLS is the pinnacle of performance freeride; a high tech Textreme Innegra construction combines with a class winning shape to create the ultimate board for your freeride sessions.

128 x 38  |||  133 x 40  |||  136 x 41  |||  139 x 42  |||  142 x 43

Key features:
  • Textreme Innegra - Textreme Innegra is the reason for light weight and great comfort.
  • Space flex - Most comfortable ride and very early planing with space flex.
  • Smooth carving - Smooth carving guaranteed due to space flex.
  • Biax carbon - The biax carbon makes the board responsive and light.
  • Step mono concave - The fastest and easiest to ride bottom concept. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It starts to plane early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind.
  • Medium flex - The medium flex offers performance with everyday comfort. Precisely adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding situation.
The Select SLS is a high end, high performance freeride board, SLS stands for strong, light, superior, and the unique construction put it a step above the rest. Using Textreme Innegra carbon significantly reduces the overall weight of the board while increasing the responsiveness and pop. Every session feels electric on this board, no matter the conditions. It has incredible early planing abilities thanks to the flatter rocker line; this also gives the board a blistering turn of speed. If you want a board that won?t hold you back when you are on the water, this is it. Perfect for big air, ripping big turns and blasting around the Select SLS will have you stoked on every session. The Select has long been the benchmark for comfortable freeride boards; now the SLS version takes that award-winning platform and adds another dimension of performance. If you want the ultimate freeride board to make every session count, the Select SLS is the board you need under your arm as you walk down the beach?

Tech Features:
  • Innegra SLS twintips - due to Innegra, sls twintips are very light, incredible durable, noticeable smoother and more responsive than any other twintip. Added performance and durability without adding weight, the lightweight fibre innegra makes it possible! All sls boards offer incredible dampening performance, are absolutely smooth in chop, allowing a cleaner edging and resulting in less knee and back fatigue. Sls twintips are equipped with very controlled and explosive pop due to less vibration compared to normal carbon boards.
  • Step mono concave - the step mono concave is the fastest and easiest to ride bottom concepts. It can be carved easily through turns and always delivers the right grip. It planes early, allows smaller fins and helps to go upwind with ease.
  • Space flex technology  - space flex adapts to the water's surface and enhances all turning characteristics. A stiff outside frame coupled with the soft tips creates smooth water release and early planing. Plus a reduction in swing weight facilitates easier tricks and faster rotations.
  • Torsion flex - the special shape of the 3d cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by duotone.
  • Grab rails - grab rails for easier board off manoeuvres and comfortable general riding.
  • Medium flex - the medium flex boards combine competition performance with every day comfort. Precise adjusted materials offer control, power and comfort in just the right way to feel good in every possible riding condition.
List Price: $1,099.95
2022 Duotone Soleil SLS Women's Twintip Kiteboard - Freeride/Freestyle - 50% Off
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2022 Soleil SLS

The best freeride board on the planet, designed specifically for women by women, packed with performance and high-tech construction to take your riding to the next level.

Key Features

Textreme Innegra - Textreme Innegra is the reason for lightweight, responsiveness and great dampening abilities.

Designed especially for women - The narrower outline is especially designed for women.

Space Flex Tip - Comfortable ride and early planing due to Space Flex Tips.

Smooth carving - Super smooth carving due to Space Flex Tips.

Responsive and light Biax Carbon - Biax Carbon is offering a light and very responsive board.

Grab rails - Grab rails making handling easy and helping with grabs and boardoffs.

Details -

Quite simply the best women?s board on the market featuring our new strong, light, superior construction. Our SLS boards are on another level when it comes to performance. The Textreme Innegra carbon is combined with a new Light Base which further reduces weight and adds even more dynamism to the ride on the water. The flex is a little stiffer compared to the standard model, and this increases the pop of the board considerably. When you are in the air, you will notice the low swing weight for performing tricks due to Space Flex, allowing you to rotate with more control and spot landings with ease. The narrow outline makes rail to rail carving easy, and it?s a great board to fly upwind and explore the spot. Suited to a wide range of riders from progressed to expert, the Soleil SLS looks as good as it rides. Don?t accept second best, don?t ride a board that doesn?t work for you, get the Soleil SLS in your life because you are worth it !
List Price: $1,099.95