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2018 Naish Thrust SUP/Surf Medium Front Wing - 25% Off
Naish's Thrust Foil lineup now offers interchangeable wings.  The new medium size SUP/Surf wing is one of the most versatile in their lineup.  Use it as you're learning to foil with a kite, take your kite foil out to Surf, or get a tow on your Thrust KS (Kite Foil) behind a boat.  The SUP/Surf wing offers great lift and the ultimate stability. 
List Price: $440.00
HexaTraction Grip - 15% Off
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RSPro has stepped up their line of skillfully engineered SUP and surf products to include HexaTraction - a clear non-skid alternative to wax. HexaTraction can be adapted to any stand up paddleboard, shortboard, longboard, or kiteboard. Quick and easy installation using the template included with each kit. HexaTraction is waterproof and helps protect boards from UV exposure. Whether you surf or race - this lightweight traction gets the job done without wax.
List Price: $69.95