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Slingshot Dwarf Craft V2 Hydrofoil Deck - 50% Off
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Slingshot Dwarfcraft V2 - Nimble / Compact / Control

The Dwarf Crafts have set the standard for foil boards in the industry. Their compact, nimble, and responsive shape provides riders with one of the most fun and progressive foil boards ever.

The Dwarf Craft range is the perfect choice for progressive foilers looking to take their foiling skills to the next level. Built with a progressive shape and outline the Dwarfs are one of the most trusted boards in the industry. A shorter and wider outline provides great response from the rider to the foil and minimizes the annoying length found on longer shapes. With chined rails, the Dwarfs stay up on foil when you come in contact with the water while on edge. This makes the boards extremely stable and fun when learning new tricks or dialing in your transitions. The whole range can be ridden strapped or strapless and features a durable and light weight construction that won't hold you back as you progress from session to session.
List Price: $1,000.00
Slingshot Travel Craft V1 - Hydrofoil Deck - 40% Off
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Slingshot Travel Craft V1 - Compact / Travel / Performance

The all-new Travel Craft has been designed to optimize your foil travel experience. For all of your foiling jet setters out there, the Travel Craft has been designed to easily fit in your suitcase. No more board bags and no more screaming "golf clubs" at the ticket counter.

The Travel Craft has been optimized for size and space. We trimmed all the unnecessary size and volume out of this board to make it as compact as possible. The reduce length provides hero level stiffness and response while the board is under foot. Even though the board is small in size, it is not small in features. Designed with versatility in mind, we made sure to add multiple footstrap insert positions for riders of all styles and abilities. Featuring beveled rails for on water performance and our new out the back foil connect that gets you on the water quicker and easier when you are at your dream location.
List Price: $1,000.00
Slingshot Hope Craft V1 - Hydrofoil Deck - 45% Off
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Slingshot Hope Craft V1 - Responsive / Pro / Performance

Designed to the exact specifications and requirements of world champion foiler Fred Hope, the Hope Craft is the new premiere performance kite foil board in our range. If you are looking for a pure pro performance foil board, look no further than this.

Fred Hope has been foiling for a long time. The world champion knows what works and what doesn't. We decided to give him free-reign to design exactly what he wants. The result is the all-new Hope Craft V1. Fred is always trying new tricks and maneuvers on his foil and he was really adamant about having slightly more volume than the smaller boards we make. He wanted that volume in the nose so that he could recover from touchdowns after radical maneuvers. He also needed stiffness. When you are moving at speed and heading into turns with serious pressure, you need that hero-level stiffness. The Hope Craft takes true performance to the next level. If you are looking for a board that can keep up with your progression the Hope Craft is yours!
List Price: $1,083.00
Slingshot Hope Craft V2 - Hydrofoil Deck
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Slingshot - Hope Craft V2  -  Stiff / Fly / Fast    

Developed in collaboration with foil wizard Fred Hope, this board is based on the popular Dwarf Craft but has been taken to the next level. The Hope Craft features a top-secret layup that makes it extra stiff, and incredibly reactive. The extra stiffness is a key ingredient in transferring energy from the kite, body, into the foil. Using advanced construction and cutting-edge technology, the Hope Craft V2 is the perfect choice for the most advanced and progressive riders looking to master and define the new limits of kite foiling.    

Who is it for:
  • Riders looking to experience unparalleled control and maneuverability on the water with the Hope Craft V2. It's not just a foil board, it's a tool for those who want to push the boundaries of what's possible.    
Slingshot Alien Air V5 Hydrofoil Board - 50% Off
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Slingshot Alien Air V5 Hydrofoil Board - Progression / Stability / Success

We developed the all-new Alien Air V5 to make foiling as easy as possible. Featuring a reduced volume construction, the Alien Air V5 is now even easier to water start and progress to more advanced foiling.

The Alien Air has taught more people how to foil than almost any other foil board. Now in its 5th iteration, the board has been fully optimized for foiling progression. With a reduced volume from previous years, the board is far easier to maneuver in the water and starting position. Less volume makes your first water starts more manageable and gives your more performance as your progress past the beginner stage. Featuring subtle chined rails and an effective nose rocker, the Alien Air will keep you on foil.
List Price: $972.00
Slingshot Wing Craft V1 Wingboard - 60% Off
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We started with a compact platform built for pumping and precise foil control, gave it a flat rocker, kick tail and width demanded for ultra-early takeoff.  Sprinkled in enough thickness and stability for the big guys to do a submerged knee start using even the smallest size in the line, and voil?, the Wing Craft was born.

Both tri-strap and offset front footstrap options covers all types of riders from the dominant foot forward surfing crew to the windsport crossovers who switch their feet.  The ? length EVA deckpad provides limitless traction and a stomp pad to keep you onboard.  Crucial to winging the inset SUP style handle in the bottom of the board allows you to carry board and foil in one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold your wing.  Whether you are starting out and connecting bumps, charging steep faces or taking to the air, the Wing Craft leaves nothing to be desired.

Designed purely for wingsurfing.  The compact shape, flat rocker and ample width provide responsive pumping and plenty of stability.  We needed a bottom handle for Safely launching and landing in shore-break, and reinforced rails for climbing onboard with a harness on.  

Compact shape for pumping and direct foil control.  
Width for early foil release and knee starting stability.
Beveled Rails for quick release from the water and bounce back from touchdowns.
Bottom SUP handle ? Carry your board and foil in one hand, keeping your wing safely separated.
Offset single front foot strap and tri-strap options
Quick release foil track ? mount your foil without removing bolts from the pedestal.
List Price: $1,875.00
Slingshot Wing Craft V2 Wingboard
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Slingshot Wingcraft V2 - Compact / Efficient / Performance

The Wing Craft V2 is all about getting you up to foiling speed as quickly as possible and bouncing you right back up onto foil after any jump or touchdown.  The compact outline, flat bottom rocker, and hard rear rails will have you spending less time stuck to the water and more time flying above it.

50L | 60L | 70L | 80L | 90L | 105L | 120L | 140L

The Wing Craft V2 is all about getting you up to foiling speed as quickly as possible and bouncing you right back up onto foil after any jump or touchdown.  The compact outline, flat bottom rocker, and hard rear rails will have you spending less time stuck to the water and more time flying above it.  Each of the 8 sizes feature both Tri-Footstrap and offset front foot options with an inset bottom carry handle that makes launching a landing a breeze.  The 80L and smaller sizes feature out-the-back foil tracks for super quick foil connect/disconnect.

Slingshot I-Fly v1 Inflatable Wingboard - 45% Off
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Slingshot I-Fly V1 - Inflatable Wingboard

The I-FLY inflatable foil boards are lightweight and packable with a large carbon foil plate on the bottom that provides a stiff and reactive foiling performance you can take anywhere.  They come with tri-footstrap inserts that allow for limitless progression along with a leash attachment and length deck pad.  The large carbon track plate provides a direct board-to-foil feel while the lightweight nature of the inflatable results in minimal swing weight in the nose.  Carrying your kit in and out of the water has never been easier with both top and bottom carry handles.
Whay it's Awesome:
  • Large carbon bottom plate provides the same direct-to-foil feel as a hardboard.
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly.
  • Foot strap inserts provide for limitless performance.
  • Top and bottom carry handle for easy transport
  • D-Ring on the tail for leash connection
List Price: $1,332.00