Kite Surfboard Pads and Straps

Traction Pads, tail pads, stick on inserts, foot hooks, and footstraps: We carry everything you would ever want to stick on your kite surfboard to increase traction, have a comfortable ride, or convert from strapless to strapped surf riding.
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Crazyfly Foil Foot Strap - Silver

Crazyfly Foil Foot Strap

The Crazyfly Foil Foot Strap has a simple, lightweight and comfortable design.  Great for both kitesurfing and windsurfing.  Designed for  use on Hydrofoil Boards and strapped surfboards alike.  Users will love the minimal light weight design, flexibility, and support of the footstraps.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Minimal water absorption
  • Molded dual density foam prevents collapsing
  • Size increment adjustment hole mounting options
  • Silver
Slingshot Surf / Foil Foot Strap (sold Individualy)
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Slingshot 2020 Surf Strap

With a NEW 2 inch wider hole pattern your foot is right where you need it - straddling your fin box. Properly placed footing over your rear fins gives you the ultimate power position for throwing big and riding more aggressively. Paired with our new footstrap insert pattern, located over the back finbox of all 2020 Slingshot surfboards, its a slashing slamdunk.
List Price: $43.32
Dakine Vario Surf Strap - 20% Off

Dakine Vario Footstraps are a perfect replacement for your current surf straps or great for a custom board. The Strap features comfort molded dual density foam with pre-formed arch to prevent collapsing. Single Strap.

List Price: $20.00
NSI Proton Kiteboarding Footstraps
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The NSI Proton Kite Straps are comfortable, adjustable, lightweight, and symetrical footstraps that work great with twintips or surfboards.
NSI Rachet Kiteboarding Footstraps
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The NSI Rachet Footstraps are an extra wide, symmetrical footstrap that work for twintips or surfboards with easy, on the water adjustment.
OVHD Surf Traction Pad Set
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OVHD Surf - Overhead Surf board traction pad system for stubby and standard surf boards.
  •     Medium Soft EVA Foam 5mm for optimum board feel and stick 108x40.5 cm (42?x16.5?)
  •     Includes matching kick pad, center pad, and front pad
  •     Apply as 1 or 3 or 6 piece deck
  •     leave space for wider stance
  •     3M industry standard adhesive
  •     designed for modern board shape
  •     Arrow shape design for more aggressive looks
  •     reusable OVHD string bag
  •     Alcohol prep pads included
OVHD Hexagon Traction Pad Set
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New from OVHD Surf, the Hexagon Traction Pad Set   

Hexagon Traction:  
  •     Medium Soft EVA Foam 5mm for optimum board feel and stick
  •     Includes 17 separate Hexagon pads
  •     Apply in any configuration to meet your specific needs
  •     3M industry standard adhesive
  •     designed for any board shape
  •     reusable OVHD string bag
  •     Alcohol prep pads included
NSI Surf Pad System
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The NSI Surf Pad System is comprised of multi-piece rear and front pads. Both pads feature a center section with two sets of inserts in a 2x4 pattern, which will cover most any foot strap position desired. The pads are made of multiple pieces so the layout can be optimized for a wide range of boards and riders.
NSI Surf n Skim Padz
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Turn your surfboard into a kiteboard!!! The NSI Surf n Skim Padz have built in threaded inserts for foot straps and feature an extremely durable specially formulated 3M adhesive providing a viciously firm grip.
Dakine Surf / Foil Traction Pad
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Whether you're trying to plant more tricks or stay on top of your board while riding big waves, this three-piece traction pad adds surefooted grip for surfers who prefer a flat-footed ride. Featuring a custom grid pattern and a proprietary blend of temperature-resistant EVA foam, the Graph Traction Pad is a no-arch design with a 25 mm vert wedge tail kick and beveled edges for reduced water drag. It features biodegradable foam and marine-grade 3M? adhesive.

Crazyfly Surf Pads (set)

Crazyfly Surf Pads are self-sticking pads with 3M adhesive that are easy to install to provide extra traction on your surf board. The deck pad set is a flat front pad and tail pad with raised lip for the back edge of the board.

List Price: $79.95
NSI Foot Hook
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These foam shaped foot grabs are perfect for anyone who wants strapless riding freedom with some strapped security.
NSI Foot Hooker
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The NSI Foot Hookers are the next evolution in kiting straps. Made to offer the control of riding with straps while offing the freedom of riding strapless while reducing the chance of lower leg injury.
Slingshot Half Strap Foot Hook 2.0 (SOLD INDIVIDUALLY)
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The Slingshot Foot Hooks provide key leverage and a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash. 

List Price: $36.66
Dakine Cobra Hook
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Dakine Cobra Half Hook
Step into the right position. This half hook kiteboard strap sets you up for right placement every time. The open design makes for easy step in and easy release. The mold was hand-shaped to get the curves and comfort just right. Add high-density foam padding and we're talking maximum comfort. It's nearly unbreakable and features a bomber stainless plate for mounting to your board.
NSI Hydrofoil Foot Hook
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NSI has created the Hydrofoil Foot Hook. The Foil Hook has a smaller profile than the traditional Foot Hook, which allows it to be more durable in situations where there is a lot of torque and allows riders the ability to easily release their feet.
Dakine Cobra Hook Sizing Cover
Dakine Cobra Half Hook Sizing Cover
The Dakine Cobra Half Hook Sizing Cover tailors your Cobra Half Hoof to fit a smaller foot.  Allows for 2 smaller size adjustments.  Use the cover by itself for one size smaller and then use the EVA foam sizing insert to make it 2 sizes smaller.  Simply zip this cover over your existing Cobra Half Hook to fit smaller feet or adjust sizing for riding with out booties.  Another bonus is that the cover provides more padding between your foot and the foot hook.

· Adds 2 smaller size options on Cobra Half Hooks
· 4mm Neoprene
· 5mm removable EVA sizing insert
· Molded YKK? zipper
· Secure hook and loop closure
· Cobra Half Hook sold separately
NSI Surface Mount Inserts
NSI Surface Mount Inserts are footstrap insert plates with specially formulated 3M adhesive for use on the surface of surfboards. Now you can put foot straps on any surf or skim board. Remove the straps for strapless surfing, screw them back on for strapped kiting or tow-in surfing.