Kite Surfboard Pads and Straps

Traction Pads, tail pads, stick on inserts, foot hooks, and footstraps: We carry everything you would ever want to stick on your kite surfboard to increase traction, have a comfortable ride, or convert from strapless to strapped surf riding.
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Slingshot Surf / Foil Foot Strap
Slingshot Surf and Foil foot straps. Adjustable and comfortable, a perfect addition to your Slingshot Foil deck of surf board.
Dakine Vario Surf Strap
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Dakine Vario Footstraps are a perfect replacement for your current surf straps or great for a custom board. The Strap features comfort molded dual density foam with pre-formed arch to prevent collapsing. Single Strap.

Naish Surf / Foil Foot Strap, Grey - 50% Off
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Supportive, flexible, and adjustable, the Naish Surf Strap is very comforatble. The inside of the strap is double velcro to allow a range of size adjustablity and the outside is a very soft neoprene jacket for maximum foot comfort. These straps would be at home on a surf, race, or foil board.

List Price: $29.95
Naish Surfboard Traction Front Deck Pads - 60% Off

These Naish surf traction pads are a great way to get some grip on your board without wax and at a great price. Simply peel and stick on your board and you're ready to ride. 3M adhesive will keep the pad firmly on your deck. Front and middle pads come in several pieces for the ultimate customizability and the center pad sections have cutouts to accommodate for inserts in the deck. The front center and side sections feature additional padding for more comfort and control.

List Price: $80.00
NSI Surf Pad System
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The NSI Surf Pad System is comprised of multi-piece rear and front pads. Both pads feature a center section with two sets of inserts in a 2x4 pattern, which will cover most any foot strap position desired. The pads are made of multiple pieces so the layout can be optimized for a wide range of boards and riders.
HexaTraction Grip
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RSPro has stepped up their line of skillfully engineered SUP and surf products to include HexaTraction - a clear non-skid alternative to wax. HexaTraction can be adapted to any stand up paddleboard, shortboard, longboard, or kiteboard. Quick and easy installation using the template included with each kit. HexaTraction is waterproof and helps protect boards from UV exposure. Whether you surf or race - this lightweight traction gets the job done without wax.
NSI Surf n Skim Pads
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Turn your surfboard into a kiteboard!!! The NSI Surf n Skim Pads have built in threaded inserts for foot straps and feature an extremely durable specially formulated 3M adhesive providing a viciously firm grip.
Crazyfly Surf Pads (set)

Crazyfly Surf Pads are self-sticking pads with 3M adhesive that are easy to install to provide extra traction on your surf board. The deck pad set is a flat front pad and tail pad with raised lip for the back edge of the board.

NSI Surface Mount Inserts
NSI Surface Mount Inserts are footstrap insert plates with specially formulated 3M adhesive for use on the surface of surfboards. Now you can put foot straps on any surf or skim board. Remove the straps for strapless surfing, screw them back on for strapped kiting or tow-in surfing.
NSI Proton Kiteboarding Footstraps
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The NSI Proton Kite Straps are comfortable, adjustable, lightweight, and symetrical footstraps that work great with twintips or surfboards.
NSI Rachet Kiteboarding Footstraps
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The NSI Rachet Footstraps are an extra wide, symmetrical footstrap that work for twintips or surfboards with easy, on the water adjustment.
NSI Foot Hook
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These foam shaped foot grabs are perfect for anyone who wants strapless riding freedom with some strapped security.
Slingshot Half Strap Foot Hook 2.0
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The Slingshot Foot Hooks provide key leverage and a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash. No more twisted ankles and sketchy crashes from getting stuck to your foil board.

NSI Hydrofoil Foot Hook
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NSI has created the Hydrofoil Foot Hook. The Foil Hook has a smaller profile than the traditional Foot Hook, which allows it to be more durable in situations where there is a lot of torque and allows riders the ability to easily release their feet.
Slingshot Half Strap Foot Hook Shim
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Adjust the angle of your Slingshot Half Straps for a tighter fit. Allows customization to accommodate different foot sizes, use with or without booties and desired level of attachment to the board. Easy to install/remove
NSI Foot Hooker
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The NSI Foot Hookers are the next evolution in kiting straps. Made to offer the control of riding with straps while offing the freedom of riding strapless while reducing the chance of lower leg injury.
Dakine Longboard Surf / Foil Traction Pad
The Dakine Longboard Traction Pad is the biggest and best surf traction pad available. Four pad sections offer traction where you need it or cut the pad into smaller pieces for custom traction.