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2019 Duotone Clickbar Kite Control Bar
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The 2018 North Clickbar is the best kite control system in the industry and it just got better. Now with three different chicken loop options available, you can have maximum performance and customization. This control bar will work most kites on the market.
Bravo 20-2 Electric Kite / SUP / Inflatable Pump
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Scoprega's Bravo 20-2 electric pump is a newly upgraded model for 2019 that features a larger dual motor for faster and more efficient inflation of inflatable paddle boards, boats, kayaks, rafts, dinghies, tubes, toys, and more.

Twin-cylinder, single-stage pump fills quickly and to higher pressure than most electric pumps on the market. An easily-selectable pressure dial indicator lets you choose the PSI and automatically shuts-off when the desired pressure is reached. The pump houses an internal, rechargeable battery that can be easily trickle-charged using the included wall charger or car cigarette lighter adapter. If the battery is drained but you still want to pump something, the pump can be run from other 12V power sources such as a car battery using the included power cable with alligator clips.

Oceanus EEL Retractable Reel Board Leash
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The Oceanus Eel Reel Leash...if you're gonna use a board leash...this is the only choice!
Skywatch BL300 Wireless Bluetooth Windmeter
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Built in Switzerland, the Skywatch BL300 is a complete weather station connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth wireless technology. It accurately measures wind speed, temperature, humidity, and measured data can be stored and shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or The Skywatch BL300 is especially dedicated to all outdoor activities like sailing, kite surfing, paragliding, hiking, sailing, as well as professional use such for agriculture, construction, and more.

Skywatch Windoo 2 Windmeter for iPhone or Android
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The SkywatcSh Windoo 2 Windmeter is the first smartphone plug-in weather station by Skywatch, known for their precision and innovation. Small, sleek design and omni-directional impeller, the Windoo 2 works with newer iOS and Android devices. The Windoo 2 measures Wind, Temperature, Wind Chill, Humidity, and Dew Point.  Easily attaches to your keyring.

List Price: $94.95
WeatherFlow Wireless Bluetooth WEATHER Meter
The WeatherFlow WEATHER Meter is the first WIRELESS  Bluetooth Smart portable and mountable weather station under $100 that syncs up to Smart phones and devices so you can record, share, and save all the weather data you could need. Works with iOS and Android devices to measure the wind speed.  Small enough to fit in your pocket.
Skywatch Xplorer 3 Windmeter
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The Skywatch Xplorer 3 windmeter is a extremely accurate way to measure the wind and know exactly what size kite to rig up. Small and compact, the Xplorer 3 is one of the easiest ways to know what the wind is doing before you hit the water. The Xplorer 3 features a windspeed indicator, temperature, windchill factor, and a digital compass. Many other uses like hunting, sailing, SUP, kayaking.......

List Price: $99.95
WOO 3.0 for Kite/Wake/Snow
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With new features, better jump dection, and integration with smart watches from both Apple and Android.  See how high you jumped right after you land and challenge yourself to jump higher.
List Price: $249.00
Dakine Torque Driver
Designed to give you the freedom to tighten up wherever you are.  This is a tool that transcends a nice-to-have and lands squarely in the necessity bin. All parts fit inside tool for compact storage in a pocket or Kite bag. 
Flymount S1 Helmet Cam Adapter for iPhone - 50% OFF!
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The new Flymount S1 is the world's FIRST Low-Profile wide-angle action helmet cam adapter for iPhones. It features image rotation and widening for instantly shareable recordings in a water-resistant shockproof polycarbonate case and interchangeable liners to fit iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, and the new SE phones. Fits all iPod Touch 5th and 6th Generation models, too!

List Price: $69.95