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Rash guards, water jerseys, and water shirts do a lot for you. They protect you from the harmful rays from the sun and also stop harness rash. If you kite as much as we do, you’ll need this extra protection from the elements. We carry all your favorite brands: Ozone, Crazyfly, Kiteboarding.com, and Dakine.
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ION Wetshirt - Long Sleeve
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Made from a quick-dry fabric, the ION Wetshirt protects against UV rays and shields sensitive skin from the harsh elements.  Loose fit style with Raglan Sleeves and 100% Polyester.

ION Neo Top 2/1mm - Long Sleeve
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The ION NEO TOPS are a must-have for every watersports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates. 2/1mm thickness and long sleeve, obtain sun protection and warmth.