Sail and Dacron Tapes

Sail tape and dacron tape make kite repairs easy to get you back out on the water quickly; holding until a professional repair job can be completed. Tear Aid works as an effective bladder patch or for a quick sail repair. These tapes are a must have in every kiter's repair kit. They very well could save you or your kiting buddy's session.
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Tear Aid Kiteboarding Bladder Patch

Tear Aid Bladder patches seal leaks and small cuts in bladders, the perfect repair material for bladder blowouts. These patches are self stick (peel & stick) and can be used to patch any bladder material or color.  The specially formulated adhesive is incredibly durable making for a quick repair.  Patches can be used on leading edge or strut bladders and sail materials.

TearAid Roll

Tear Aid Bladder patches are the BEST patch out there to seal leaks and small cuts in bladders.  The roll can be cut into any size desired for patching, whether your bladder problem is small pinholes or 2-foot long cuts. 30 ft. x 1.25-Inch or 3-Inch or 6-inch Rolls (60 patches).  Note that long cuts (more than 6 inches) or cuts next to the seam of bladder can be harder to ensure a good seal on.  Long cuts are rarely straight lines.


Tear Aid Screw Valve Bladder Patch Install Kit  (6" x 6")
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The Bladder-Patch Install Kit which includes a poly sheet and a 6x6-Inch (15.24 x 15.24cm) Patch. If your screw valve has to be cut out of the old bladder, then you need the Patch Install Kit.