Spring Wetsuits

Spring suits are great for staying warm during some of the spring or fall riding months when it's too warm for a full suit but not warm enough to for boardshorts. Spring wetsuits have some combination of long or short sleeves and long or short legs.
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ION Neoprene Top 2/1mm LS
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ION Neo Top Men 2/1 LS. The ION NEO TOPS are a must-have for every watersports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates
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ION Neoprene Top 2/1mm Long Sleeve - Olive
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The ION NEO TOPs are a must-have for every watersport. The Ion Neo Top is a 2/1mm thick shirt that has been updated with its fused edges.   Although mainly used in warmer waters to keep the sun and wind off the skin, they can also be used as a second layer underneath your wetsuit. Thanks to the plush, wool-like Hot_Stuff lining, these tops have a luxurious texture that feels great, even on bare skin!   The NEO TOPS have a more detailed and technical construction than that of the standard Rashguard, providing 100% UV protection, efficient heat retention
Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch
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Previously known as Iron Mend, the Tenacious Tape Iron-On Neoprene Patch can fix rips, holes and tears on anything made of neoprene to provide strong, flexible, permanent repairs. Tenacious Tape may be used to repair neoprene dry suits, wet suits, waders, neoprene gloves and boots, orthopedic supports, and lycra body suits. The Tenacious Tape increases garment life and the stretch fabric allows flexibility and comfort.