Twintip Pads

Replace the pads of your twintip kiteboard binding system. Find something more comfortable or replace those worn-out pads on your board. All the top brands are here: Crazyfly, Slingshot, Airush, and more.
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2016-2017 Crazyfly Hexa Pads
The Hexa Binding provides unlimited adjustability to accommodate all foot shapes and sizes, while offering unmatched comfort and board feel. All the adjustments on the Hexa Binding can be quickly and easily made for the ultimate rider-board connection. Compatible with boards that have a 6.75-inch insert spacing.
2011-2015 Crazyfly Dura Pads Grey
Crazyfly Dura Pads are extremely durable pads produced from the highest quality EVA material. Layers of EVA create softest cushion under heel. There are no dents under heels even after years of riding. These pads will fit on most standard-spaced kiteboards (standard insert spacing is 6 1/4" distance between left and right side of pad).