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Replace the straps of your twintip kiteboard binding system. Find something more comfortable or replace those worn-out straps on your board. All the top brands are here: Crazyfly, Slingshot, Airush, and more.
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Crazyfly Binary Binding Straps

The Crazyfly QuickFix Bindings are the Number 1 choice for a comfortable, super cush, pad and strap kit that is very easy to mount and remove, adjust, and will last and last. Compatible with boards that have a 6.25-inc

The CrazyFly Binary is a brand new addition to our range of bindings. It offers quick adjustments, even on the go, that can be done with one hand. The footstrap design is a bit narrower for riders who prefer to push the toes up when edging or jumping. The Binary footstrap offers a wide range of adjustability and also allows for comfortable use of neoprene boots. The footstrap position can also be adjusted via the Binary Stix, which allow the footstrap to be moved towards the heel or towards the toes. Compatible with boards that have a 6.75-inch insert spacing. A Perfect option for anyone that rides with thick booties or simply prefers the simplicity of a single strap adjustment.

Binary Straps

The footpad has a 3D ergonomic shape and dual density EVA for the best possible comfort and fit. The pad can be moved in six directions: up and down, left and right, and also angled clockwise and counter clockwise.

Our designers were hard at work to create the best possible ergonomic fit and hand picked premium materials for long lasting durability and luxurious comfort. The outdoor performance leather from Italy on Binary footstraps is extremely resistant to abrasion, sun rays and salt water. On top of premium materials, the Binary binding is made in Europe, in the CrazyFly factory.

The Binary Binding  Luxurious comfort and one hand adjustability.

h insert spacing.

2019 Crazyfly Allround Straps
The Crazyfly Allround Straps mount super fast with plastic blocks that come completely out of the strap on both sides. The easy velcro adjustment system allows for fast micro-adjustments on the go.
NSI Heel Straps
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Soft and comfortable NSI Heel Straps help keep your foot in place on the kiteboard footpad.