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Wetsuits, toppers, and rashguards on the CHEAP!!! Check here often for some amazing deals. From great pricepoint to some top of the line high tech, you never know what might pop up.
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ION Neoprene Top  0.5mm LS
ION Neo Top Men 0.5 LS. The ION NEO TOPS are a must-have for every watersports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates. 
ION Neoprene Top 2/1mm LS
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ION Neo Top Men 2/1 LS. The ION NEO TOPS are a must-have for every watersports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates
Ocean Rodeo Soul 2.0 Drysuit
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The suit that started it all, the Ocean Rodeo Soul continues to be our best selling drysuit ever. The Soul's highly refined design meets technical performance.
Hyperflex Playa HZ Kiteboarding Hoodie - 11% Off  Size XXL (last one)

It is cut exactly like a ?hoodie? sweatshirt. Oversized and warm, it features a hollow fiber lining and skin exterior. It holds virtually no water at all, so it is windproof and waterproof against the elements.

List Price: $179.95
Mystic 2mm Neoprene Beanie
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The Mystic 2mm Neoprene Beanie will help regulate your body's core tempurature... While you regulate the line-up.

  • Mesh neoprene
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Attachment loop for wetsuit connection
Ocean Rodeo Neoprene Beanie
The Ocean Rodeo Neo beanie cap was made to keep your noggin warm when riding! The single grommet on back allows for small leader line to be attached to your suit to prevent loss if you wipe out. Slim fit adds little bulk under helmets or hoods!  Most of your heat is lost through your head.  So cover it up and extend your session.
List Price: $29.95
O'Neill Psycho 3mm Tech Gloves
It's not crazy to love to surf, but it might be a bit crazy to do so with icy, blue hands. Protect your digits from the cold swell with the O'Neill Psycho 3mm Double Lined Neoprene Gloves. The three-millimeter-thick neoprene fabric insulates your hand from the cold ocean, and the tacky grip helps you grab and hold on to your board after a wave sends you for a ride.
List Price: $50.95
O'Neill Psychofreak 3.5mm Split Toe Booties, Size 6 - 25% off
Looking for a boot to keep your toes all nice and toasty during the cold winter without all the bulk? The most flexible and warm cold water boot you will ever step into is the O'Neill Psychofreak ST Bootie. Textered sole provides just the right amount of grip, liquid seal, and the psychofreak exclusive air bubbles.
List Price: $80.00