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NEW - Ozone Flow V1 Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Flow v1 Wingboarding Wing - The Do-It-All Wing

The FLOW gets its name because this wing has been developed to help you find your Flow state! Ideally suited for freerider progression, it?s also a total weapon for dedicated wave riders and those looking to jump and throw freestyle moves.

Our aim was to make a wing with a greater sense of control to help riders accelerate their riding progression, from tacking and gybing, to jumping or wave riding, the Flow is designed to smoothly deliver what you need. When it comes to improving the fluidity and ease of your riding, the extended front carbon handle offers the advantages of a boom, like flying the wing one handed and easy hand placement, yet it packs small and doesn?t need to be removed after your session. The Flow and Flux wings share DNA, however the Flow has a reduced span and lower aspect ratio than the Flux, offering more low end power and easier handling. The Flow is a fully featured design and also includes harness line attachments for when you?re ready to ride faster, harder and for longer with less arm fatigue in stronger conditions.
NEW - Ozone Liteforce V1 - Light Wind Wingboarding Wing
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Ozone Liteforce v1 - Lightwind Wingboarding Wing
The Liteforce has been designed by combining different design elements from the Ozone Flux and Flow wings to deliver easy and very effective performance in lightwinds. Without reducing strength and reliability, the weight of the Liteforce has also been kept to a minimum to provide optimal, accessible performance.
Available in two, powerful sizes of 6.6m and 7.7m, both are packed with low end grunt. The compact planform means that when making manoeuvres with a big wing, the tips of the Liteforce are less likely to catch the water.

Key Features:
Tuned to get you riding in the lightest winds
Compact design for low end torque and control
Pre-loaded leading edge with optimised sail shaping
Tight, clean and efficient sail
Powerful pumping with a very direct feel
Sporty, lightweight handling