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Flysurfer Sonic 2 Performance Foil Kite
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The Flysurfer SONIC2 embodies our vision of a modern, highly advanced foil kite. Each detail is designed with performance in mind. Beautifully balanced and responsive turning, optimized lightweight construction and refined aerodynamics all come together to create a sublime riding experience.

Flysurfer Soul All Around Foil Kite
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The Flysurfer SOUL combines high comfort with a sporty character. The inspiring technical lightweight kite construction, the highest safety standards and precise control and bar feedback. The great water relaunch and improved drainage system bring it all together to make the SOUL truly user friendly. Experience a new way of kiting!

Flysurfer Speed 5 Performance Foil Kite
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The Flysurfer SPEED5 combines striking design with maximum functionality. As an excellent all-rounder, this kite delivers by fast and direct turning, intoxicating hangtime and outstanding performance. Unique versatility that inspires in every kite discipline and all skill levels.

Flysurfer Peak 3 Single-Skin Foil Kite
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Go vertical! The Flysurfer PEAK3 features everything a passionate freerider's heart could possibly desire - a highly-efficient and durable Single-Skin concept, simple set up, and easy to fly. Plus it offers power on demand with superb safety. Designed for universal use, it sets the standard for a touring kite. Adventure awaits you.

Flysurfer Viron 2 Deluxe Foil Kite
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The Flysurfer Viron 2 Deluxe gives you the simplest introduction to the world of kiting, equally at home on water, land and snow. The easy-to-use Viron 2 Deluxe is an incomparable, all-in-one kite that ensures maximum safety and stability plus it has the easiest water relaunch you'll ever experience.