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2017 Liquid Force Carbon Drive Kiteboarding Twintip - 43% Off
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The Carbon Drive is the newest candidate in the carbon campaign. The Carbon Drive shares the same core configuration as its standard construction brother. A simple all around outline with a single concave bottom shape and a full wood core makes this board an all condition kiteboarders dream!
List Price: $699.00
2017 Liquid Force Solo Strap Kit - Twintip Bindings
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The 2017 Liquid Force Solo Strap kit is the prefect pad/strap setup for getting an exact fit on your foot.
List Price: $140.00
Liquid Force Surfboard Traction Deck Pad

These Liquid Force surf traction pads are a great way to get some grip on your board without wax and at a great price. Simply peel and stick on your board and you're ready to ride. Both front and back pads come in several pieces for the ultimate customizability.

List Price: $40.00
Liquid Force Thruster FCS Fins (set of 3)
Liquid Force Thruster Fin Set These Liquid Force thruster fins are built to last. The construction makes these some of the toughest fins available. Made of fiberglass with a honeycomb center. The fins are designed to fit into the popular FCS fin boxes common to newer surfboards.
List Price: $90.00
Liquid Force Kiteboard Handle
Liquid Force's handle features a slim profile that gives you maximum control over your board. This handle is ultra lightweight! A handle on a kiteboard makes it far easier for beginner kiteboarders to get into the footstraps, and opens the door for sick board-off tricks as they progress! The Liquid Force board handle will fit on boards where the screw holes are 8" apart.
Liquid Force 90 Degree Valve Adapter (2007-2010) Set of 5
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Liquid Force 90 degree ("L") Adapters are the replacement adapter for Liquid Force kites manufactured from 2007-2010 with a 9mm valve.  The adapters can also be used on any kite with a 9mm One-Pump  valve system. Comes in a set of 5.
Liquid Force One Pump Valve Adapters (2011-2013) Set of 5
Liquid Force One Pump Valve Adapters are used with the Liquid Force One Pump Kiteboarding Valve (2011-2013) as the connection point between the valve itself and the one pump hose. Set of 5
Liquid Force Max Flow Inflation Kit (2011-2013)

The Liquid Force Max Flow One Inflation Kit (2011-2013) is used with the Liquid Force One Pump Kiteboarding Valve (2011-2013). This kite includes the valve adapters as the connection point between the valve itself and the one pump hose, one pump hoses, and replacement valve cap.

2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil
The Happy Foil offers next level performance in a free riding / free race design. A longer cord length, thinner profile mast, 78 cm fuselage with multiple wing position placement, and a fluid carbon lamination medium aspect wing set will have you running with the fastest hydro crew at the beach while keeping foiling fun. If you feel the need for a tuned ride, the Happy foil wings come with variable rear wing shims to adjust the angle of attack for the perfectly balanced feel.
Liquid Force Happy Foil Board 4.10
Happy Foil Board 4.10

Size 4’10” x 20.5 Volume 22.9l

Why would you not be happy on the Happy Foil Board? This multi-purpose, magical ride will take you from smooth sailing hydrofoil action to finned up wave slashing. To be used with or without a foil, the Happy has been designed with wakesurf inspired DNA that crosses into a perfectly adaptable board to foil on. Customize to your heart’s desire with an adjustable mast track mounting system and the ability to rock inline straps or staggered 3strap set up. The foil track is tuned to the 90mm standard spacing and the board comes complete with a FCS compatible quad fin system.

Comes complete with 3 straps and surf fins.