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MFC HYDROS | FW1000 Kite & XXL Wave Foil
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MFC HYDROS | FW1000 Kite Pack & XXL Wave Foil

The FW1000 was designed for all-around kite foiling.

Perfect for surfing waves and for all types of free riding. This new design has tons of low end but is still capable of reaching high speeds under perfect control. The new FW1000 is extremely stable but very loose. Turn it on a dime or lock it in and go, it has great glide and control. Perfect for jumping and landing with confidence.

For expert surfers only, It has also been tested in XXL Surf, reaching high speeds with extreme stability on large size waves. The HYDROS is built in Carbon/PCS/Epoxy Technology and weights about 2.9kg.
List Price: $2,225.00
MFC HYDROS | FW1250 Surf Foil - Large
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The FW1250 generates a lot of gradual lift while maintaining good control for beginner riders or riders over 180lbs or for foiling in smaller waves. The Hydros FW1250 provides continual gliding with minimal wave power, smooth turns and good speed that keeps you going even in less than ideal conditions. The HYDROS is built in Carbon/PCS/Epoxy Technology and weights 2,98kg.

List Price: $2,185.00
MFC HYDROS | FW1600 Surf Foil - Extra Large
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HYDROS | FW1600 Extra Large Surf Foil

The FW1600 Pack was designed for heavier surfers, as well as for going downwind fast? Very fast! This is an extremely stable version of the HYDROS. This Model allows for total control at Maximum speed. The large wing and long mast on the FW1600 makes it a gliding and pumping machine while maintaining its superior turning ability. Pump on flat water or glide for miles on a downwind run. This HYDROS model is ideal for heavier surfers who love riding hydrofoils on waves. The HYDROS is built in Carbon/PCS/Epoxy Technology and weighs about 3.5kg.

List Price: $2,250.00
MFC HYDROS | 2FW Surf Foil Pack
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HYDROS | 2xFW Surf Foil Pack

The HYDROS 2XFW Pack gives you the perfect setup of two front wings, covering most of your surfing foil needs. The front wing FW1250 is great for surfers over 180lbs or surfers looking to foil in smaller, less powerful waves, as well as for beginners. The front wing FW1075 wing is designed for surfers under 180lbs or medium to larger size waves where speed is more important than lift.

List Price: $2,750.00