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2018 North Freeride Chicken Loop and Leash kit 30% Off!

The 2018 North Chicken Loop: Freeride kit comprises of the smallest chicken loop combined with a short leash. The short chicken loop maximizes the depower range and comes standard with a short safety leash.
2018 North Freestyle Chicken Loop and Leash kit 30% Off!

Freestyle Kit: The Freestyle Kit comes with a large chicken loop and a long leash. This setup is ideal for unhooked freestyle and wakestyle riding. Easy to hook back in following unhooked tricks, the long neoprene covered leash gives maximum freedom to move, comfort and prevents injuries.
North Trust Bar Center Insert Replacement
North Kiteboarding Replacement Center part for Trust Bars, with grub screws.
North Click Bar Bungee Line Keeper Replacement Set
Replacement Bungee Line Keepers North Click Bars.
2018 North Traction Pad Team Front 30% Off
2018 North Traction Pad Team series. Comes with 4 pieces.
List Price: $79.95
2017 North Handle Pass Leash
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North 2017 Handle pass leash
DEMO 2018 North Rebel 10m Kite Only
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The all new 2018 North Rebel just received a makeover! Now a 4 line kite with the ability to be flown as a 5-line, the 5th line is unloaded, meaning you can decide the best setup depending on your preference and riding style. Enhanced turning, lots of hang time and glide in the air.
List Price: $1,650.00