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OVHD Surf Traction Pad Set
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OVHD Surf - Overhead Surf board traction pad system for stubby and standard surf boards.
  •     Medium Soft EVA Foam 5mm for optimum board feel and stick 108x40.5 cm (42?x16.5?)
  •     Includes matching kick pad, center pad, and front pad
  •     Apply as 1 or 3 or 6 piece deck
  •     leave space for wider stance
  •     3M industry standard adhesive
  •     designed for modern board shape
  •     Arrow shape design for more aggressive looks
  •     reusable OVHD string bag
  •     Alcohol prep pads included
Overhead Surf Cap-Safe Retainer Lanyard Hat Leash
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Keep your hat on your head even in the windest conditions with a Hat Leash! New from Overhead Surf is the Cap-Safe Retainer lanyard. Simply attached to your hat or cap and ensures that if it does get blown off your head you will not lose your hat.  Total hat saver!!
Overhead Surf Cap-Safe Retainer Pigtail  for Lanyard Hat Leash
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Replacement or Extra Pigtail for OVHD - Overhead Surf - Cap-Safe Retainer