Kiteboarding Tech

GoPro cameras are the best-selling actions sport cameras out there. They are made to take all the abuse you can throw at them. A variety of mounts help you get the angle and perfect shot while accessories such as extra batteries, housings, and chargers keep your camera ready to go.  
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Action Trackers

Action Sports Trackers allow you to track your speed, jump height, waves, calories burned, etc.  Use one not only for kiteboarding, but across multiple sports, wakeboarding, snowboarding/skiing and more.

Cameras and Mounts

We carry camera mounts for GoPro and other camera brands that help you get the angle and perfect shot and can mount to virtually anything. The PKS Strut Mount, Flymount Fin Mount, and Wizmount CU2 backpack are the most popular mounts to name a few.