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Harnesses priced to move. Waist and seat harnesses in many sizes and models. Sizes are limited, but if you find one that fits it is your lucky day.
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2017-2018 Dakine Pyro Kiteboarding Waist Harness - 67% off
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The completely redesigned 2017 Pyro Harness features an Adaptive Fit composite back with Texon counter stiffener.  Hard back and Memory foam pressure point relief means you will have comfort and support through long rides.

List Price: $280.00
2017-2018 Dakine C1 Hammerhead Kiteboarding Waist Harness - 68% off
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The Dakine C-1 waist harness: redefining fit and performance. The C-1 combines adaptive fit technology with Texon counter/stiffener for support and comfort like you've never experienced before.

List Price: $290.00
Dakine Maniac Retro Kit -
Dakine's Maniac Spreader bar has become very popular as it allows for freedom of movement riders can make sharp turns and ride toe side with ease.  This Maniac Retro Kit includes a new improved, thicker webbing strap which not only lasts longer, but prevents the strap from folding over under the kite specific designed hook.  Retro kit is complete with hook and webbing.
Note:  Spreader bar pad is not included.
List Price: $29.95
2014-2016 Dakine Hammerhead Spreader Bar Complete - 40% Off
The Dakine Hammerhead Spreader Bar has a unique hook shape and length to keep the center line hooked when needed, but also allows for easy unhooking. Complete with Spreader Bar, Pad, and Hook Knife already assembled and ready to put on your harness.
List Price: $50.00