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S25 Naish Wing-Surfer Complete Package

NAISH S25 Wing-Surfer


The Wing-Surfer was designed as a one-size-does-it-all SUP and surf-foil wing. With it?s luff strut, fairly small diameter leading edge and shallow profile, it performs well in a variety of conditions and wind speeds. With its inflated structure, integrated soft handles and no boom or rigging, the Wing-Surfer packs up small and handles with ease. Simple, easy to set up and easy to use, the Wing-Surfer has launched a whole new era in wind powered watersport.

The Wing-Surfer takes the first generation Wing-Surfer?s basic design principle and carries it into the future. What has not changed is the pure, simple, pump-and-go design philosophy. But the changes made to the new Wing-Surfer are many, and address the demands of a rapidly growing new sport.
Crazyfly Master Foil and F-Lite Full Carbon Hydrofoil Board Package
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Crazyfly Master Hydrofoiling Package with Full Carbon F-Lite Board

Hydrofoil - The Crazyfly Master foil is a high-performance freerace foil aimed at intermediate to advanced riders. It offers high top speed, incredible upwind drive, and superior stability.

Board - F-lite is a feather light full carbon, ultra-small low volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. It is a high performance easy to ride board with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck for easy maneuvering during gybes. Riders who already know how to foil will appreciate its small size, low weight and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil. It features a high nose and speed rocker to generate speed quickly and get you up on the foil in no time. Packed with lots of performance, this board is also a great travel companion, plus it delivers great fun and amazing performance on the water.

Crazyfly Cruz 690 Foil and Chill Board Package
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Crazyfly CRUZ Hydrofoil Kiteboarding Foil

Building on our extensive knowledge and over twenty years of experience in working with carbon and stainless steel components, we are proud to introduce a brand new Cruz foil.

The Cruz 690 hydrofoil is an easy to use accessible allround freeride kiteboarding foil for intermediate riders and riders looking to get into foiling. Progressing to the next foil levels is a joy on this foil. The Cruz 690 is a lower aspect ratio wing with high lift at low speeds and medium top speed levels. It offers great directional stability and is playful in maneuvers. A true freeride allrounder.
2019 Duotone Spirit Carve 950 Hydrofoil and Pace Board Package
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Duotone Spirit Carve 950 Hydrofoil

The new 950 Spirit Carve wing was developed for maximum maneuverability and glide to perform tacks, jibes and 360s. Essentially it ́s a scaled down version of a pure surf foil wing. The 950 lifts early and has an incredible stability for ripping smooth, controlled carves on tiny waves or flat water. This wing is all about control, carving, glide and seamless transitions with incredible stability and predictability for those looking for a great cross over between kite and surf foil feeling.
Key features:
  • Best carving foil in the Duoptone Spirit Foil line up
  • Highly maneuverable and outstanding glide
  • Fast wave riding with impressive top end speeds
  • New aluminium fuselage with pocket for a solid mast connection
  • New mast profile with longer chord and more stability
  • Full carbon front and back wing for a super smooth ride
Eleveight HCS Performance Freeride Foil and Carvair Board
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Eleveight HCS Performance Freeride Foil
Control meets versatility meets speed. Our brand new HCS carving foil redefines hydrofoil performance. It is extremely user-friendly as it offers great lift and extraordinary stability. Swift carves and reaching racing speed is a breeze riding this wing. To achieve these characteristics we combined an 85 cm aerospace grade aluminum mast with a carbon composite front wing and a G10 back wing. This setup also results in ultimate control and dynamic maneuverability. The modular construction with an interchangeable mast comes with lasting durability. Hydrofoil experts, as well as progressing riders, will enjoy every takeoff with this incredible wing.

What We Say:
A fun and easy to use all around foil that is best suited for beginner tointermediate riders looking for a step up. This is an very stable foil that still feels a bit playful in the water.

The HCS is designed for an accessible performance with a focus on dynamic carving. The foil design is well balanced, and we paid special attention to durability.

2020 Naish Hover Kite 144 w/Jet Freemove 1050/75 Foil - 40% Off
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2020 Naish Hover 144  with Jet Freemove 1050/75 Foil Package
List Price: $2,115.00
North 2020 Sonar Freeride Foil and Scoop Board Hydrofoil Package
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North 2020 Sonar Freeride Foil and Scoop Hydrofoil Board Package

Sonar Freeride  Hydrofoil: Your ultimate Freeride Foil setup. A forgiving and well-balanced ride, with amazing performance at the top and bottom end speeds. The Sonar Freeride Edition, with 85cm Mast and 850 Performance Freeride Front Wing, holds lift through gybes and tacks without stalling. This well-balanced Foil System allows easy breach recovery and helps progress your foiling experience to the next level. The Sonar Foil System can be mounted to any foil board with a 165x90mm bolt pattern.

Scoop Performance Foil Board:Enjoy a responsive riding experience with the North Scoop. Dedicated performance foiling with a lightweight EPS core. Your ideal expedition partner for comfortable long distance foil missions or an after work sundowner.ndly TwinTip-style foil board. Even on the lightest wind days, this board makes it all possible.

Slingshot Hover Glide FKite V4 Foil and Dwarfcraft Foil Board Package
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Slingshot Hover Glide FKite V4 Foil

Get Your Wings

Slingshot has taken all the input from their foil academy to build the most dynamic and playful all-around kite foil package on the market, period. This is Slingshot innovation at its finest, and it's years ahead of the competition. Do your research ... you'll see what we mean. The 2019 Hover Glide FKite package is equipped with the Space Skate (H4) front wing instead of the H5 wing of the prior two years. The H5 was (and is) a great all-around wing, and the H4 is the obvious evolution for the FKite package. This is one of the most versatile foils; its size and surface area provide the lift and stability needed for learning, progression, tricks and transitions. Its unique dihedral shape provides a crazy level of dynamic carving control and self-centering flight that you have to feel to believe.