Seat Harnesses

Seat harnesses have leg straps that stop the harness from riding up which is great for beginners. The lower hook point and center of gravity also makes a seat harness an excellent choice if you have back problems or want to sit down against the power of the kite rather than lean back like you would with a waist harness. Dakine has proven to be the leading seat harness manufacturer.
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2020 Mystic Marshall Seat harness with Bananabar 2.0
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Mystic Marshall Seat harness with BananaBar 2.0

  • Features
  • Preshaped seat cup
  • 3D moulded backplate
  • Fix Foam
  • Flexshell, combines strength and support with maximum freedom of movement
  • Integrated heavy duty handle
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Lowerback support
  • Bananabar 2.0
  • Battle belt waist closure
  • Heavy duty seat part
  • Comfortable padded legstraps
Ride Engine Contour V1  Seat  Harness - Black
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Ride Engine - Contour V1 Seat Harness

The Contour is our first-ever seat harness, and great attention was placed in its design in order to address all the shortcomings of traditional seat harnesses. The key design element in the Contour is the sacrum adjustment plate, which utilizes Curv material that brings our hard-shell harness DNA into a seat harness. The sacrum adjustment plate creates a tighter, more supportive fit along the sacrum by removing the gap that is present in most seat harnesses.  Additionally, the Contour is far more compact than other seat harnesses, fitting lower on the hips for added freedom, and has a secure, easy-to-adjust belt entry and adjustable padded leg loops.

*Spreader Bar Sold Separately

List Price: $221.00
2020 Dakine Fusion Kiteboarding Seat Harness
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2020 Dakine Fusion Seat Harness

The Dakine Fusion Seat harness is THE harness for offering a lower hook point for kiting, relieve some stress from your back and enjoy longer rides.
New for 2020, Dakine has introduced the Curv composite flex shell.  Acheive the perfect amount of support and comfort.  EVA foam lumbar pad, the most popular harness just became even more comfortable. A great harness for beginners and expert riders.

List Price: $190.00
ION B2 Kiteboarding Boardshort Harness
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B2 Kiteboarding Boardshort Harness

The B2 is where beachwear and function meet to create a unique product. Many riders embrace the feeling of a seat harness but are not always comfortable with 'that look'. The B2 is the perfect solution! When creating this harness, we made sure it stylishly offered all the benefits of a seat harness in a high-performance package. This year the B2 comes in a trendy colorway and features improved leg straps and shorts. The B2 comes with ION's C_Bar 2.0 which already includes the stainless steel kite hook.


C-Bar The original version of the C-Bar Kitesurf bar comes with a stainless steel hook. The tension lever is built to make your life easier while force is distributed symmetrically across the whole bar.


2020 Dakine Nitrous Kiteboarding Boardshort Harness
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2020 Dakine Nitrous Boardshort Harness

The Dakine Nitrous boardshorts harness integrates years of harness development and technology with the styling and comfort of boardshorts.  The 2020 facelift includes different sizing from XS to XL and the. Great for those who like the lower center pull point.

Mystic Passion Women's Seat Harness
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Mystic Passion Women's Seat Harness

Designed for the female body to be comfortable, supportive, and wearable all day long. The Passion Seat harness is a great choice for women riders looking for something designed from the ground up to fit right. This harness is not a "pink it and shrink" design answer to women kiteboarders, it is the answer women are looking for.

Key Features:
  • Specialized female shape - There are countless body types. We did our best to shape this harness to fit the female body in the best way.
  • Neoprene padded legstraps - Seat harnesses are supposed to be comfortable. These neoprene padded leg straps will give you the comfort you need.
  • Grab handle on the back - This handle gives your kite buddy the opportunity to assist you when it's a little too windy out on the beach and you want to have someone that got your back.
  • Heavy duty seat part - Sand, salt and shells are not the best combination for your harness. That's why we enforced the seat part with extra wear resistant fabric to help you through the toughest conditions.
2020 Dakine Vision Woman's Seat Harness
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2020 Dakine Vision Womens Seat Harness

Simplistic yet Supportive - Seat Harness

Loaded with features, the 2020 Dakine Vision offers a lower profile fit and adjustable hook height.  Ultimate comfort with a simplistic seat harness design, with padded leg straps.
2020 Dakine Chameleon Kiteboarding Seat / Waist Harness
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2020 Dakine Chameleon  Seat / Waist Harness

Get the best of both worlds - Convertable - Seat & Waist Harness

The 2020 Dakine Chameleon Seat/Waist harness suites a wide variety of Kiteboarders.  It is a softer harness yet has great back support with the integrated pre-curved P.E.B. and ES foam support. The Dakine Chameleon comes in a wide rage of sizes all the way down to an XXS, if you have a younger son or daughter just getting in to the sport, this is a harness that fits the smallest of riders.  A great seat harness for a beginner to progress to the waist harness as their skill level increases.