Board Retrieval and Visibility

Make sure you don't lose your board with these accessories for retrieval and visibility. The Ocean Rodeo GoJoe helps keep your board visible and downwind of you while the Oceanus reel leashes are the only safe type of leash for a twintip that brings the board back to you slowly and safely.
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Oceanus Replacement Reel Leash Strap
The Oceanus Replacement Leash is a Nylon leash with straps stitched at both ends and rated at 460 pounds. This leash is a replacement for the reel part of the leash that fits inside the plastic housing.
Oceanus Rope Extension with Webbing Attachment
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The Oceanus Reel Leash Rope extension is approximately 30 inches long, 1/4 inch diameter rope doubled over, stitched, glued, and rubberized. This rope extension goes between the webbing attachment on the board and the spring-loaded hook of the reel leash.
Oceanus Reel Leash Shock Cord with Webbing Attachment
The Oceanus Shock Cord is an alternate attachment to the standard rope extension, and comes with a webbing attachment. The webbing attachment affixes to your board fin-screw area, then you can attach either the standard rope extension or the shock cord. The Shock Cord is shorter and has elastic bungee.
Oceanus Reel Leash Stainless Steel Trigger Snap Clip
The Oceanus Snap hook replacement is available in case yours wears out. These solid Stainless Steel trigger snap clips are rated at 270 pounds of load, have a bottom swivel, and spring "trigger" snap close.
Oceanus Reel Leash Webbing Attachment
The Oceanus Webbing Attachment is the part that attaches to the fin box or fin screws of the board. The Oceanus Reel Leashes come with this part, but if yours is looking worn out, it may be time to replace it.
North 2024 Calf Leash for Wingboarding and Surf Boards / SUP
North 2024 Calf Leash for Wingboarding / Surfboarding / SUP

This coiled calf leash with double swivels provides you with a secure connection to your foilboard. The comfortable, no-slip calf cuff helps keep the cord above the water, reducing drag and tangles with your foil system.

Coiled Leash

SS316 swivels at both ends to reduce tangles
Comfort cuff lining and silicon inner grip to minimise slipping
Easy grab finger tab for fast release
Slimline rail saver

6' Long x 7mm Coiled PU Cord
Lightweight neoprene calf cuff
Strong injection-moulded velcro

North Item:  85005.240030