Trainer Kites

Trainer kites are the best way to get into kiteboarding, learning about the wind and power of a kite while keeping yourself safe and having fun. Trainer kites come in 2 or 3-line types and with with names like Ozone, Sensei, CrazyFly, Airush, and HQ you are guaranteed to feel the power.
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Sensei Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
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The Sensei trainer kite is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite. Just pull on one line and the Sensei trainer kite pops off the ground and easily relaunches. The most stable & smooth trainer kite out there.
CrazyFly 3M Rookie Trainer Kite - 35% Off
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The Rookie is the first ever two line relaunchable trainer kite. Just pull on one line and the Rookie pops off the ground and easily relaunches.  The most stable & smooth trainer out there.
List Price: $189.95
HQ Fluxx - Trainer Kite
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Are you looking for a cheap and universal introduction to kiting and you are not yet committed to a specific direction? Whether you want to enjoy kitesurfing, land kiting or just for fun, the Fluxx is the right choice for you. We have attached great importance to easy handling and good balanced flight characteristics. Even if the Fluxx has a ground contact, the sturdy and special shape means that it can be restarted with only two lines. Use the Fluxx as a trainer kite and open up the fascinating world of kitesurfing! Become a part of our passion



    Completely leashed and ready to fly
    Stable Flight behaviour
    Automatic Relaunch
    Robust processing
    Perfect as preparation for the introduction to power kiting



    Sleek HQ4 bag with tag insert
    Control Bar
    Trainer Kite Guide
    Optional Accessory: Safety System- This safety system for 2-line control bars makes it possible to release the control bar in an emergency without loosing the kite.

HQ Hydra - Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite
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HQ HYDRA - Water Relaunchable Trainer Kite

Crowded beaches and no space for kiting? Launch the Hydra and head off into the water! The Hydra is a unique trainer kite designed to re-launch in the water. The revolutionary closed-cell technology makes relaunching and landing on the water safe and easy.  A one-way valve system and a watertight zipper effectively prevent water from entering the kite. The Hydra?works equality well on land and generates enough power to pull you through the water during your first body drags. The 3rd line safety system quickly lands the kite if you ever feel overpowered, so you can focus on learning techniques and new experiences.
List Price: $429.99
HQ Rush Pro - 3 LineTrainer Kite
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HQ RUSH PRO - 3 Line Trainer

 Are you looking for a kite that meets all the requirements of a real power kite? The Rush Pro offers full performance.  Controllable and extremely robust thanks to a sophisticated chamber system. Our Rush Pro range of trainer kites has been designed to meet these needs. With the Rush Pro you learn to handle kites safely and with the effective 3rd-Line-Safety, you are always in control of the situation.  Good control is the most important thing for trainer kites. We want you to reach your next level safely.


  •     Extremely robust cell structure
  •     Third line for optimum safety and reliable reverse start
  •     Ready to fly on a leash
  •     Reduced scale for less drag
  •     Good light wind properties


  •     Sleek HQ4 bag with straps
  •     Control Bar
  •     Trainer Kite Guide
  •     Safety system (hand leash)
HQ Rush Pro - School 300 Trainer Kite
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You want to be well-prepared for kitesurfing, snowkiting as well as landboarding? Are you looking for a trainer kite, but would also like the challenging characteristics of a real depower kite? With the Rush Pro School 300 we have developed the perfect partner for you - robust, safe and with very easy handling. The Rush Pro School 300 flies just like a big kite, without asking too much of you. Depending on the wind conditions, your kite sessions can be anything between very comfortable and challenging. The depower of the Rush Pro School 300 allows you to shift up a gear whenever you feel like it. Power and speed to the max, but always with full control - flying the Rush Pro School 300 is just simply fun, and it helps you to make fast progress.



    Complete with depower controlbar and chickenloop
    Ready-to-fly set
    Simple handling - uncomplicated flight characteristics
    Large wind range
    Multiple adjustment options
    Intended to by used with a waist or seat harness



    Sleek HQ4 bag with straps
    Depower controlbar with chickenloop
    Trainer Kite Guide
List Price: $389.99
Ozone Ignition V2 3-Line Kiteboarding Trainer with Bar
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The Ozone Ignition Trainer Kite is the best 3-line kite to get started learning kiteboarding. The 3rd line with wrist leash provides safety flagout and easy lauching and relaunch. The Ignition is great for the park, beach, or kite-skate.
Ozone Uno V2 Inflatable Trainer Kite Only
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The Ozone Uno is an easy to use, inflatable trainer that is great for learning kiteboarding. The Uno can be used with almost any four-line bar and allows the student to learn about sheeting the bar in and out in addition to turning the kite left and right.
Ozone Trainer Kite Wrist Leash
The Ozone trainer kite wrist leash is a high quality leash found on the Ignition trainer kite. Bungee in the cord helps absorb some of the shock of flagging out the kite and a foam-covered cuff means hours of use without discomfort.
PKS Kiteboarding Trainer Fly Lines 20m (200lbs)
PKS Trainer Kite Lines fly above the rest. PKS trainer lines are rated at 200 lbs breaking strength and are blue colored for high-visibility. The PKS Trainer lines are made from Pre-stretched Spectra to the standard trainer line length of 20 meters. Stitched loops on both ends ensure easy larkshead connection to any trainer kite brand out there. CUSTOM LENGTHS available.
Onda Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package
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Have a ton of fun in light winds with the Onda Longa Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package. The Onda Longa is the perfect board for kite skating, the unique 7" diameter wheels float over cracks and small rocks that would stop smaller wheels and the dropped deck gives riders a lower center of gravity and more stable ride. The trainer kite harnesses the wind to provide the power to pull you around on the board.

List Price: $440.00