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Kiteboarding packages help take the guess work out of selecting the perfect set up; all-inclusive packages with gear for entry-level, intermediate, advanced, and light wind riding. With a range of brands from CrazyFly, Naish, Ozone, Cabrinha, Dakine, and Ride Engine - our shop tested gear recommendations can help you get started without having to research all combinations.
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Kiteboarding Travel Package
1 of 13 Travel Package was designed to ensure your next kiteboarding trip (and every subsequent trip) is as worry-free as possible. We start by hooking you up with your choice of Golf Bag, choose the bag that best suits your needs. Inside you'll find an your choice of Repair Kit, equipped with everything needed to save your session in the event of a freak kite-mare. You will also find a Self launch tool, the perfect item for travel when there nay or may not be any help around. You will also find yor light weight compression bags, the perfect way to carry kites while traveling. And to top it off, you will find your wind meter. Kiting in new locations can be sketchy if you do not know what the wind speed is.
Personal Safety Package
Stay safe in the water with this essential package containing Aqua Azul water shades, Pro-Tec helmet, Dakine Surface impact vest, and Dakine Half-Finger sailing gloves. Perfect all in one package for your protection.
List Price: $290.00
Onda Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package
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Have a ton of fun in light winds with the Onda Longa Longboard Skateboard and Trainer Kite Package. The Onda Longa is the perfect board for kite skating, the unique 7" diameter wheels float over cracks and small rocks that would stop smaller wheels and the dropped deck gives riders a lower center of gravity and more stable ride. The trainer kite harnesses the wind to provide the power to pull you around on the board.

List Price: $440.00