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24 Hour Sale: Protec Ace Water Helmets
Every kiteboarder should have a helmet.  Gusty winds, rocky shorelines, and other hazards make a helmet a must for some riding spots.  Even if you do insist on not wearing a helmet all the time (not smart) it is great to have in the car just in case for the times you are riding at a new spot or hitting up some sliders.  If not for yourself, consider your friends/family and all the crazy hospital bills.  Just not worth.  To make things a little easier on you we are selling our most popular helmet for only $34.95 today and tomorrow only.

These helmets are also great for using with a skateboard, mountainboard etc.
 Only $34.95 
normally $44.95

Lots of you have emailed us questions about what different kite shapes really do.  Jeff was nice enough to have a little chat about the main kite designs out there and what it all means. Keep the questions coming, Jeff loves playing with his model kites.

Airush Flow FT:
The Airush Flows are very stable, fast turning kites, that produce a surprising amount of power.  A great all around kite that can be used for freestyle, wave riding, or just cruising.  A great option to learn on as well.   

Start at $649
Supply is Limited

Airush Sector V1:
A couple Sector V1's just came through the door.  We love these boards for going kite sailing and exploring.  These boards can go upwind like a race board but are friendly and easy to ride. If you live in an area with light wind or occasionally light wind this board can double the days you get on the water. 
was $989