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How to pick the Right Snowkite for You:
Snow kite season is in full swing in many parts of the country or is just about to be.  For anyone getting started or looking for a new kite be sure and check out Jeff's new video taking us through the main points to look for in a kite and the major differences between them.  Need help picking out the right kite for you? Call us at 361-883-1473

Local News:
For anyone not quite ready to deal with the cold head on down to Corpus Christi and Portland TX.  This weekend will have temps in the mid-70's and nice friendly SE winds in the 15 to 20mph range.  Hope to see everyone out at Wildcat.  We just got in several new 2012 demo kites so if anyone wants to check out something new just let us know. NOW HIRING!!!
We are looking for highly motivated, hard working individuals, looking for a full time career in the kiteboarding industry.  For anyone interested please email

Slingshot Key HD 7m:
The Slingshot Key makes the perfect snowkite.  A hybrid delta shape makes relaunching off of snow a snap, and allows the kite to be ultra stable and forgiving.  Lots of depower and a great size for getting started on the snow. These kites are excellent on the water as well.

Kite with Bar/lines: $699 was $1449
Add a Harness+Pump for

 2012 Ozone Snow Kites IN STOCK!!! 
Ozone has used tech from their world leading paraglider designs to make all of their snow kites even better than before.  Click here to check out all of the kites.  We have every kite and size in stock and ready 2 ship.
  •  Excellent Stability, easy to control
  •  Ideal Beginner/Intermediate kite
  •  Smaller sizes-great high wind kites
  • Fast Turning, Direct and Responsive
  • Great for Beginers through advanced
  • More power and stability than ever
  • Ultralight-25% Lighter
  • Great for Intermediate/advanced
  • Lighter=more power,smaller pack size

Must Have Accessories for the Snow..... Fix-Kit

Barbed wire fences, trees, ice, and tons of other obstacles produce wear and tear on kites not seen on the water.  Be ready for the inevitable with is quick repair kit to fix any little nick or cut on your foil or inflatable.  At only $12.99 its crazy not having one of these in your kite bag.

   Only $12.99 was $24.95

Knowing what the wind strength is can be tricky for anyone starting out or coming from the water side of kiteboarding.  Without white caps and blowing palm leaves some of us are a little lost trying to judge what the wind is doing.  Windmeters can be super helpful for knowing what size kite to set up.  We have a huge selection of windmeters in stock and ready to ship. 

 Starting at $24.00 
  UltraNectar Snowkite Jacket
Since the beginning of Kiteboarding and snowkiting UltraNectar has been the outerwear and apparel leader in the kite world. This jacket allows you to wear your harness underneath your jacket keeping things clean simple and stylish. The hood is detachable to adjust to severe or friendly conditions. Venting also doubles as access to the straps on your harness so as not to have to remove the jacket to make harness adjustments.  

 Only $279.99  
  PKS Handy-Dandy Self Launch Tool
Self-Launching your inflatable kite on snow can be tough depending on the condtions.  The PKS Self launch tool can make things much easier and cause less wear and tear on your kite.

Click here to see the Video

 Only $18.95 was $23.95