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While the weather may be getting colder now is  one of the most exciting times to be a kiteboarder with winds picking up and some winter storm swells moving in.   Now is the time to make sure all your gear is in good shape and you have a trusty high wind kite ready for the next front . To celebrate what will hopefully be a great winter season we are offering Free Shipping with any three products on this email.  Click Here To Get Started
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Port Aransas 
KB Team Rider: Patrick 
Local Scoop:
The Cold Fronts are starting to make their way through Corpus.  Saturday had a perfect NE wind for Port A, and tomorrow looks to be a good NW in the morning with winds 15-25mph, Sunny, and Highs in the Mid-70's.  Might be a good day to call in sick for the morning.


Deal of the Week:
LF Envy 10m
This is a perfect high wind kite to keep you riding this winter.  Everything you want in a smaller kite: super stable, smooth, easy relaunch, lots of depower, and great at everything.
$649.99 K/O
$779 Complete 
was $1499.99

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Hitch Safe: Trailer Hitch Lock Box 
The HitchSafe is used by just about everyone in the shop.  It is so much nicer to put your keys in the Hitch Safe than take it into the water or worry about hiding them and getting your vehicle stolen.  For just $69.95 you can be confident everytime you ride that your car or truck will be there when you get back. A must have for down winders when you won't be able to see your car for hours.  This is a tried and tested product that will make you life easier.
Only $69.95
Neil Pryde: Heatlock Beanie
This is a must have item for any kiteboarder when the wind starts to get a chill.  It is amazing the difference keeping your head warm makes.  We love wearing these during the strong cold fronts that blow through Corpus Christi.  Unlike a full hood that restricts your movement and just feels plane weird, these heatlock beanies are super comfy and do not hinder your movement.   There is a inner rubber segment on the rim that really makes it stay in place and prevents it from riding up like some other brands .
Only $34.95 normally $39.95
Liquid Force: Impact Vest 
This vest is constructed from an ultra light segmented foam that stretches to fit every rider's body type perfectly. Twist and ride with freedom and the confidence! This vest was designed to take a beating while offering the rider that little bit of extra float. Strategically placed Quilted EVA Load Panels were designed to absorb impact as well as accommodate for all different types of harnesses.

Only $69.99
was $129.99  SAVE $60
Microhook Braiding Tool: 
Fix a Broken Fly Line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This neat little kit comes with everything you need to fix a broken fly line while at the beach.  This is a must have for anyone traveling or is just a sweet little tool to have on hand.  If you don't need it one of your friends probably will.  Great way to earn a free beer at the end of a day:) 

Microhook Braiding Tool: Get Free Beer
Only $12.00 
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PKS Kook Proof Pigtail Set
This pigtail set actually prevents wear on your fly-lines.  PKS Kook-Proof Pigtail Sets are complete 8-piece sets, set up in kook-proof fashion with different colors for inside and outside lines, and pre-set knots and pull-tabs for ease of use.  We recommend replacing your pigtails at least once a year or whenever they start to show wear. 

PKS Kook Proof Pigtail Set
Only $23.95
was $29.95 
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Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
We have seen several cases of broken pulleys wearing down and breaking bridle lines.   Not only can this create a annoying swim in but can also be dangerous as many kites will spiral out of control after a bridle line breaks. The new Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley is way stronger with a 1200 lb rating and if there is a break a custom made kite specific loop will let you maintain control of the kite!!! 

Ronstan Orbit Block Kite Pulley
Only $19.95
 PKS Pulley Savers (includes 4)
Pulley Savers are designed to be a very simple way to back-up your bridle system and keep your wing shape from being compromised should a pulley break in flight.  The pulley saver simply attaches around the pulley and bridle line to keep them attached in the event the pulley breaks during flight.   

PKS Pulley Savers: Ride in, Not Swim in
Only $8.00

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 Kite Repair Kit: Fix-Kit
The kite repair kite by includes everything you need to do an emergency repair on your kite.  Includes all of the tapes discussed above. This kit is essential for any kiteboard trip. 
Fix-Kit includes:
-1-Bladder patch (6"x 3 1/4")
-2 ft. 1" wide clear sail tape
-1 ft 1" wide black sail tape
-1 ft 2" wide clear sail tape
-1 ft 1" wide white dacron tape (Leading edge)
-1 ft 1" wide black dacron tape (Leading edge) Fix-Kit
Only $12.99