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2011 New School Kites Go Head-to-Head
So many of you have been progressing and getting to the point you really want to start unhooking, throwing big kite-loops, and riding with more speed and power.  All three kites below excel at unhooked riding, but have enough depower to make them versatile in lots of different conditions.  Getting the right kite for you can make a HUGE impact on your riding.  Check below as we compare three of the main kites you should consider...

2011 Slingshot RPM
-Delivers tons of low end grunt and pop, boosts huge
-Sits back in the window - lots of power for unhooked tricks
-Fast turning - powerful kiteloops
-New for 2011 - Split Strut Design (more rigid)
-First non "C" kite to win the PKRA Championship

Overall: Perfect for riders looking for a C-kite feel but with more depower.  Aggressive-Intermediate to Advanced riders.  NOT a beginner kite.  Relaunch is easy but does require some technique.  One of the most powerful kites.
  RPM TECH Video:

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  2011 Ozone C4
-Fast, Pivotal Turning - great when looping!
-Lots of forward speed (great for getting upwind easy)
-NO PULLEYS, very direct feel
-Easy relaunch, kite can be enjoyed by many riders
-New 2011 canopy profile-increased low end parked power

Overall: Great all around do anything kite.  Emphasis is on freestyle and unhooked riding but this kite can be enjoyed by any level of rider for doing just about anything.  This was a tester favorite for kiteloops.
  C4 TECH Video:

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  2011 Naish Park 
-Fast turning, stable responsive design
-Flys forward in the window fast, meaning quick depower
-Swept back design for almost Auto-Relaunch
-Clean, Simple bar design

Overall: Great all around do anything kite.  Easy relaunch and fairly stable flying characteristics mean this kite can be used from Beginner to Advanced.  Good for waveriding to freestyle.
  Naish PARK Video:

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 What's New...........
Deal of the Week:
2010 Naish Fish Kite Surfboard
Super easy and fun to ride.  The relaxed rocker line and straighter wide outline make this board fast in light winds.  Nice and responsive, this board is a blast in smaller waves.
was $879
  Sneak Peak: 2011 Mystic Code 1
with BOA Technology
Mystic have teamed up with BOA to create the first harness that you can change the feel of while on the water.
Scheduled delivery April 18th. 
Get your orders in now, supply is limited.
  Demo Weekend April 30 & May 1st
If the weather co-operates (likely since we can't remember the last no wind day) we will be having a demo weekend at Wildcat Park in Portland, TX with several manufacturers.  
Coming?  Let us know!!!  Shoot us a quick email.