Airush Freewing Nitro with Hookipa - DEMO 3m - Like New, No Damage or Repairs

Airush Freewing Nitro with Hookipa - DEMO 3m - Like New, No Damage or Repairs

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Airush Freewing Nitro DEMo 3m In Excellent Condition

Instant smooth power makes the Nitro feel like it's 1 meter larger, but controls like it's 1 meter smaller with speed, like nothing else. The FreeWing NITRO is mind bogglingly better, but why? We've combined over 20 years of kite and wing design experience with tomorrow's technology, to create the new NITRO. Our unique ideology on composite materials means we have spent years chasingresponsiveness, light weight and durability in single product, and the NITRO is the best example of this yet. The key to the NITRO is ultra PE spaceframe which combines our absolute cutting-edge Ultra PE high pressure leading edge and strut, with our proven ultra PE load frame.

  • 3.0m

Key Features:
  • Ultra-Responsive, high pressure leadinf edge and strut.
  • Load Frame stabilizes and support high tension canopy.
  • 30% Lighter than a traditional wing with greater stability.

Tech Features:
  • HIGH PRESSURE LEADING EDGE  - Able to run 80 - 100% more leading edge pressure, creating a stiffer structure and ultimately allow for a thinner leading edge.
  • LOAD FRAME SUPPORTED CANOPY - Utilizing the same Ultra PE primarily fiber as the Leading edge and Struts, the load frame carries much of the primarily load running through the canopy. This prevents the the canopy cloth from over stretching and losing performance. This also increases responsiveness by creating a more locked in shaping into the canopy.
  • REDUCED WEIGHT - The Hookipa Ultra PE fabric is 25% lighter than traditional Dacron leading edge materials. The reduced diameter structures and optimized details result in an overall weight saving of up to 30%. The reduced weight keeps the wing flying even in the lightest conditions.incredidibly well and responds quickly to rider input.
  • HIGHER TENSION CANOPY - The higher tension leading edge increases tension which improves the stability of the wing, low end-power and responsiveness.
  • THINNER LEADING EDGE -  Reduces the drag on the wing, when the wing is flagged out while riding or down winding. This is especially important in more offshore wave conditions to help keep the rider on the wave face. Allows a higher angle of attack when going up wind or travelling at higher speed.
  • THINNER TIPS - Thinner tips reduce the oscillation of the wing when the wing is in neutral. This makes the NITRO easier to control when the wing is flagged out.
  • HIGH PRESSURE LE AND STRUT - The biggest combined benefits of the Ultra PE is the ability to run higher pressure without sacrificing longevity. This higher tension leading edge creates a much more responsive frame that can be loaded before jumping, pumps incredibly well and responds quickly to rider input.
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