2023 Crazyfly F-Lite Foil Deck

2023 Crazyfly F-Lite Foil Deck

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Crazyfly 2023 F-Lite Foil Deck - Ultra Small Flight Deck

F-lite is a feather light full carbon, ultra-small low volume foil board suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. It is a high performance easy to ride board with a full diamond grip deck footpad and concave deck for easy maneuvering during gybes. Riders who already know how to foil will appreciate its small size, low weight and dynamic transfers of energy into the foil. It features a high nose and speed rocker to generate speed quickly and get you up on the foil in no time. Packed with lots of performance, this board is also a great travel companion, plus it delivers great fun and amazing performance on the water.

  • 99 x 44 / 115 x 44
At a Glance:
  • Full carbon construction
  • Ultra small, light weight
  • High nose, speed rocker
  • Easy to ride
  • Concave deck EASY CONTROL - All our foil boarsd have a concave deck. It provides easy handling and control over the foil board and also helps during jibes.
  • Full deck footpad COMFORTABLE AND SAFE - All our foil boards come with a full deck footpad installed. It comes in handy for traction and safety during wipeouts. Thanks to our unique foil mounting system, there are no screws sticking out on the deck either. Just a nice comfy pad all the way
  • Wood Core - Core is one of the most essential elements in every kiteboard. Therefore, we choose only the finest selection wood cores for all CrazyFly kiteboards. To have precisely shaped cores of the highest quality, we are using a CNC machine to cut the outline, drill holes, and give various 3D shapes on all cores.
  • Central carbon stringers STRENGTH AND DYNAMIC FEEL - Central carbon stringers on the deck and bottom give our foil boards much more strength and a very dynamic feel. The board feels sturdy and is extremely responsive to input from the rider
  • Insert foil mount tech QUICK AND EASY - This unique foil to board mounting tech allows for quick and easy installation of the foil. The screws do not go through the board. Instead, there are closed top inserts, so mounting the foil is as easy as it can be with just four screws. Thanks to our innovative foil mounting system, there are no screws sticking out on the deck either. Just a nice comfy pad all the way
  • Full Carbon Construction ULTRA LIGHT, ROBUST AND DURABLE - Based on our fifteen years of experience in building high quality kiteboards with top performance, we simply believe that carbon fibers are irreplaceable. Carbon fibers are ultra light and at the same time extremely strong. This material is very dynamic and it returns instantly to its original shape after being stressed, which provides loads of pop in carbon fiber boards
SIZE:                            99 x 44    115 x 44
(includes deck footpads)    2.50 kg    2.70 kg

Hydrofoil Mounting:

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