2024 Duotone Select SLS Twintip Kiteboard

2024 Duotone Select SLS Twintip Kiteboard

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2024 Duotone Select SLS Twintip Kiteboard

The best freeride board in our lineup, built in our SLS construction with Textreme Innegra and Biax carbon, the Select SLS is light and strong and incredibly responsive. Great for boosting big airs, blasting upwind and cruising around your local playground.
New for 2024, the Select SLS features a new asymmetric top deck which focuses the flex characteristics on the heel edge of the board. Combined with a new outline and our high-tech SLS construction, strong light superior, the board delivers an exhilarating ride. Perfect for big air, especially with the stiffer heel edge allowing for superior pop, it's a great board for freeriding with loads of upwind drive. The larger Space Flex windows in the tips ensure a buttery ride through the chop and ensure the board gets planning early. Crafted from a carbon Biax and Textreme Innegra construction, this board is lighter and stronger and offers a dynamic ride that will make you feel fully connected to the board. The select SLS's reduced weight not only makes it easier to jump and spin but also improves early planning. Its outline and shape make it perfect for carving and playing in the waves too.  

  • 135x39cm | 138x40cm | 141x41cm | 144x42cm

Key Features:
  • ASYMMETRIC DECK - This new top deck increases the stiffness in the heel edge of the board, giving a more linear and predictable flex characteristic.
  • FASTEST OUTLINE IN THE RANGE - Long outline and fastest shape of the range. Ride on size bigger than usual!
  • TEXTREME INNEGRA FOR LIGHTWEIGHT AND GREAT COMFORT - The Select SLS uses the Textreme Innegra construction, combining the responsiveness of carbon with the dampening of Innegra.
  • SPACE FLEX - This technology gives you a smooth ride and early planing and is great for carves too.
  • RESPONSIVE AND LIGHT BIAX CARBON - Biax Carbon is used in the construction of the Soleil SLS, and this further enhances the performance and responsiveness of the board, giving you an extremely dynamic ride.
  • SMOOTH CARVING - The new Select's design focuses on carving so you can crank rail-to-rail turns with ease, either in the waves or on flat water.

Duotone item: 44240-3426
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