2024 Duotone Sky Free SLS Wing Board

2024 Duotone Sky Free SLS Wing Board

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The Sky Free SLS is our Freeride weapon on steroids! Built in our SLS construction and shaped for quick progression, this board won?t let you down!

The Sky Free SLS is a very popular model amongst ambitious wingers in lighter wind conditions. Its early planing rocker and easy take-off combined with a balanced ride and compact feel found a huge amount of fans within the large group of intermediate level wing foilers and heavier riders of advanced level.

For 2024 our design team implemented slight rail bevels, which not only give the rails more clearance in tight gybes, tacks or carves in small waves, the bottom contours also follow a more parallel outline through the mid-section improving the glide and making the pumping of the board out and up onto the foil even easier.

The deck recess and high-volume nose offer great stability during starts, landings or when not in flight-mode. Our two Sky Free SLS models come in our Strong ? Light ? Superior Carbon PVC Sandwich construction with additional rail and heel reinforcements to not only guarantee earliest flight, but also safe and solid landings for those taking their riding to the next level.
  • Shapes - Medium size shapes for intermediate level wingers looking for the best possible board to get started and progress from the lightest breeze to medium winds
  • Carbon PVC Sandwich construction - Carbon PVC Sandwich construction with additional reinforcements in stress areas

  • The rising level in Wing Foiling led us inevitably to constructions similar to those used in our Windsurfing division. With the use of Carbon PVC Sandwich layup around a light EPS core, our SLS range combines strong durability with light weight for a superior riding sensation ? exactly what we?d custom build for our most demanding team riders to guarantee the best performance of a light construction that withstands the landings of their incredible jumping variations.

Size           5'3"           5'5"
Volume     95L          105L
Width         26"            27"
Weight      6,53 kg    6,97 kg

Item-no. 42240-3603
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