2024 Duotone Slick D/LAB Foil / Wingboarding Wing

2024 Duotone Slick D/LAB Foil / Wingboarding Wing

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Duotone 2024 Slick D/LAB - Freeride / Freestyle Wing

The 2024 Sslick D/LAB epitomizes cutting-edge wing technology, delivering unrivaled freeride and freestyle performance.
Premium Aluula material on the leading edge and strut enhances responsiveness, power delivery, and light wind performance while delivering exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. The MOD3 canopy adds dynamism, and the Mini Boom provides precise steering and control with an unlimited range of grip options.

For 2024, the refined wing outline features a smooth transition from the leading edge to the wing tips, boosting overall efficiency and reducing tip drag. A new panel layout enhances draft stability and power, and the tuned canopy tension, and wing profile eliminate the need for hand adjustments during gusts, ensuring superior top-end control and de-power.

Available in six sizes ranging from 4.0 to 6.5 meters, the 2024 Slick D/LAB is an innovative wing, blending state-of-the-art materials with refined design for the ultimate in performance and control.

  • 4.0 | 4.5 | 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 6.5
Key Features:
  • HIGHEST PERFORMANCE - Lightest weight, fastest response and highest performance
  • MINI BOOM - Direct steering with infinite hand placement. The Mini Boom allows you to place your hands where ever you want, which is a massive plus from learning the basics to the most advanced freestyle moves.
  • REDUCED TIP DRAG - Recovers easily when the tip strikes.
  • IMPROVED DRAFT STABILITY - Refined panel layout
  • POWER DELIVERY - Improved power delivery with instant response when desired
  • MOD3 CANOPY ENHANCEMENTS - Solid feel and power when pumping. Better draft stability so rider doesn?t have to move hands in a gust. Better top end control and depower. Higher durability
Duotone Item: 42240-3528
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