2022 Duotone Click Bar Kite Control Bar - 50% Off

2022 Duotone Click Bar Kite Control Bar - 50% Off

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2021/2022 Duotone Click Bar Quad Control

The Duotone Click Bar revolutionised how we control our kites, taking things to a completely new level! The next step in this evolution is the introduction of FLITE99 lines by Robline! The Click Bar is available in a narrow version, just 42cm wide with a line length of 20m plus 2m extensions, or there is the Click Bar M, offering 22m line length plus 2 m extensions (width 49cm)! Four different chicken loop options are also available to ensure maximum performance and customization.

  • Flite99 lines by Robline - The latest line innovation, the best mix of performance, durability and safety.
  • Adjustable line length and v-position - You can change the v-position on the front lines depending on your  preference and riding style.
  • Compatible with most kites on the market - Should be used on all duotone kites and is compatible with most kites on the market (check with your local dealer).
The game-changing Click Bar is now even better in combination with the new FLITE99 lines by Robline. The Click Bar's unique Trim Unit enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the flick of a switch. To power your kite, turn the winder clockwise, this shortens the length of your backlines with every half turn. To depower, simply push the button in the middle of the winder and your backlines will lengthen again with every click. The power / depower level is always visible on the bar's power display and on a neon orange mark above the right floater. The Click Bar is equipped with the Iron Heart V, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release. All lines, including the guided safety line, are automatically untwisted during rotations. Supplied with a 4-line setup and adjustable to either 20m and 22m or to 22 m and 24 m line length.

  • Automatic untwisting safety system - Lines are automatically untwisted during rotations. Even the guided safety line is untwisted, offering optimum safety and comfort.
  • Iron heart IV - The click bar is equipped with the iron heart iv, ensuring a quick and reliable safety release. All lines, including the guided safety line, are automatically untwisted during rotations.
  • Four or Five-line setup - You can choose the best setup, depending on your personal preference and riding style. The 5th line makes relaunch easier, especially for big kites and in low winds.
  • The winder - Twisting the winder of the trim unit clockwise, shortens the back lines, visible at the neon orange mark in the power display of the bar and the neon orange mark on the floater. The kite has more power. The power steps are divided in eight steps, half a rotation on the winder is one power step.
  • Duotone flite99 by Robline - Kite lines connect and communicate the power in your kite, into your hands. Putting our lives in our lines, they are crucial for safe, long lasting and enjoyable sessions. Flite99 is offering the highest dyneema quality, sk 99. Backlines are turquoise / frontlines are grey, to always know which is which. They come with 12% higher breaking load and 15% less elongation than in previous years. The flite99 lines have a 6.5 % less wind exposed area, due to a decreased diameter, are faster! Additionally flite99 comes with a new, even more durable coating. Last, but not least, flite99 uses monofil, a unique material that prevents bending, kinking of the line, prevents the line from wearing out and worst case ripping apart!

Click Bar vs Trust Bar:

Iron Heart
  • The Duotone Click Bar is equipped with the Iron Heart 5, which automatically ?swivels? the kite?s power lines. This is particularly beneficial after jumps with rotations. With the Duotone Trust Bar these lines have to be adjusted by hand while riding.
line lengths
  • The Duotone Click Bar is available with a line length of 20/22 metres and 22/24 metres. This lets you adjust the length of the line as desired. The V-position can also be altered to adapt the bar perfectly for your kite. The Duotone Trust Bar is available with line lengths of 19m, 22m, 24m and 27m.
  • Thanks to the unique depower system on the Duotone Click Bar, you no longer need to adjust your body position when you want to power or depower your kite. This is particularly beneficial for smaller riders with shorter arms. It also removes the need for all the annoying lines required for traditional depower systems.
Bar widths
  • The Duotone Click Bar is available in two sizes, with a bar width of 42cm or 49cm. The Duotone Trust Bar is also available in two widths, but has a flip-flop function on the floaters for adjusting the bar width. This permits possible bar widths of 42cm/49cm and 46cm/53cm.
  • The Duotone Click Bar is equipped with a sliding stopper. Above a certain pressure, it slides upwards thus providing the very highest level of safety. The Click Bar?s stopper can also be fixed using a grub screw so that it no longer slides (not recommended). The stopper on the Duotone Trust Bar can be used as a fixed stopper, which opens up new possibilities for board-off tricks.
5th Line
  • Both the Duotone Click Bar and the Duotone Trust Bar come by default as a 4 line bar and can be extended with a 5th line. The Click Bar S can also be upgraded with the Hadlow line setup.
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